Flashback video and review of the Internet in the 1990’s!

The internet of the 1990’s! Do you remember America Online (AOL) and Netscape Navigator? Who remembers Ask Jeeves and the early versions of Internet Explorer? There was nothing like hearing that static noise coming from your modem before connecting on a dial up connection. The 90’s references in the video were amazing, as cheesy as the acting was! I remember the first time that I discovered the beauty of the internet! The year was 1997. My mother picked up a free Netzero disc from our local grocery store, and our computer had Microsoft Windows 95 installed on it. With our first internet service provider (ISP) being Netzero, the service was lesser expensive than America Online, but it was not as fast, even for dial-up internet service.

When I found game websites like http://www.miniclip.com, I was so excited! Although they would load extremely slow, it was worth the wait. I remember being in high school, and everyone was bragging about what version of America Online they had. Of course this was well before social media, so the way we connected online was through emails, chat rooms, and soon after personal messengers. I will never forget the first times I used the AOL messenger to message my friends at school, in particular girls. My friends and I would set up times at night to invade chatroom’s and make connections with people, all across the world!

The internet over the years has truly changed the way that people network and learn. Although the internet is flooded with negative content, what would we truly do without it? I prefer to celebrate the good that the internet has provided over the recent few decades. The efficiency it has enhanced for so many people. The opportunities that it has provided. The entertainment that it has introduced. Most importantly, the lives it has changed through connecting people in ways that are positive and genuine. As you, my reader get online today on a computer, a smartphone, or any other device, think about if you did not have the opportunity use the benefit of the internet today. Appreciate it, enjoy it, and use it for good.


2 thoughts on “Flashback video and review of the Internet in the 1990’s!

  1. Have you ever thought for a moment what life would be without the advent of the glorious internet, it’s something I wonder about sometimes…
    Looking back I remember all those flash and angel fire sites, goodness the loading waa so slow but we suffered thru it lol

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