Withholding Heart, Spiritual Song By Vintage Retroman

Withholding heart, is the way that i fail You daily/

Withholding heart, even though i truly need You/

Withholding heart, i struggle in my imperfections/

Withholding heart, sometimes i do what i shouldn’t do/

(Bridge 1)- So take my heart, and completely make me over/

So take my heart (take my heart)…and make me brand new/

So take my heart, because i don’t have any power/

And take my heart, oh Lord I’m desperate just for You/

Verse 2- Withholding heart, please forgive my imperfections/

Withholding heart, sin has left a crimson stain/

Withholding heart, a sinners plea for grace and mercy/

Withholding heart, yes i messed up once again/

(Bridge 2)- So take my heart, it’s not about me trying harder/

Please take my heart, please dissect it for repair/

Please take my heart, and dip it in your living water/

Yes I’m so glad, that despite me You are still there!/

(Worship chorus 4x) So this heart of mine! It’s Yours, it’s Yours!

Lord, please, just take my withholding heart!


Published by VintageRetroMan

Introducing Chuck Price aka V.RetroMan, the dynamic representer of the 80's babies, born in the south. Lover of everything from Nintendo classics and 80's soft rock, to college marching bands and hot political debates. Take a trip with V. RetroMan to the land of it all.

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