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Welcome To My New Website!

What’s going on everybody, it’s your boy C.P. The Vintage Retroman, YOUR neighborhood hope dealer! Welcome to my website! Since 2017, I have been the sole proprietor and creator of

Below is a brief description of my purpose, followed by my most recent blog posts and content.

  1. My main purpose is to inspire people through originally written Christian hip-hop music and poetry. I strive to encourage those that are struggling with mental illnesses, physical illnesses, and spiritual depravity.
  2. Secondly, I demonstrate that the vintage and retro cultures and styles of the past are still popular and relevant today through blog articles, videos, music, and reviews.
  3. Lastly, I strive to bring feelings of past nostalgia to all people and promote various types of positive, encouraging content to my audience.


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100% of my site’s content is free and available 24/7. Donations and tips of any amount via Cash App for time, site maintenance, and services are greatly appreciated.

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