You Can Overcome! *New Song September 2020!* Check out my newest song, ”You Can Overcome!” Positive, uplifting with a Pac-Man sample on the beat by JTBS! Visit my Youtube channel @vintageretroman or check out Thanks! #rapzilla #Christianrap #hiphop #freemusic #nes #pacman #instagram #instagood #retro

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I truly want to make each of my followers feel like a kid again! That is my overall goal. The nostalgic value of vintage and retro cultures makes people feel good! I do not blog for money or prestige. I write and post content for the people to enjoy, whether it’s one person or 10,000Continue reading “Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman”

The VintageRetroman’s “Thank You!” 😊

Team, I appreciate you all and all of your support of! Whether it’s a like, a comment, an order, or a simple prayer i am so grateful for the many amazing people God has blessed me to be in contact with on my website! I pray that you all fulfill your purpose, meet yourContinue reading “The VintageRetroman’s “Thank You!” 😊”