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Nerdy & Squirdy- The Retro Relationship Gone Right! An Official V.R. Review

One is Nerdy, the other is Squirdy. Their name itself made me want to inquire more. The dynamic duo of delightful gaming, The power couple of retro fun, Yet when you look deeply into their content they are so much more than just casual gamers on YouTube. They have something special to aspire to. That something special is more than just Nerdy’s pixel Link shirt or Squirdy’s glass of wine. Stay with me.

One day as I was searching along my Instagram page, I came across Nerdy and Squirdy. I immediately thought, this is a pretty interesting and unique couple. I quickly hit the follow button because I loved the idea of a couple having fun with a retro theme. As I scrolled their Instagram page and later their YouTube channel, I admired the title screens and thumb up, thumb down reviews. The facial expressions they gave on certain games make me laugh, because they are so passionate and animated about the content. Just read the profile description below from their Instagram page. It speaks volumes on who you are about to follow, and the entertainment you are about to receive!


One of the many characteristics I admire about Nerdy and Squirdy is their work ethic. They really put so much passion and effort into carefully creating quality content on their site and channel. I respect anyone who’s able to genuinely connect with their audience though any type of media because this is truly a gift. They grant reviews, run quality livestream video’s, contests and giveaways, and so much more through their channel. I also love the highlighted days like #FanFridays, where the viewer has the opportunity to pick the game in which they review. Pretty awesome!

Although I have shared some great qualities about the work of this couple, those qualities are not the “special” characteristics I referred to earlier in this review. What makes them special in my opinion is the love they share. You can tell that they are best friends in life! It’s authentic and shows on the screen in their videos. Just think, when the camera turns off, there is life, work, kids, and everything else just like there is with all of us. When we heard Squirdy speaking about dropping the kids off at school, my wife and I could relate! Through the daily hustle and grind, we each have to remember that life is short and we need to live each day to our fullest potential.

I highly recommend that you check out Nerdy and Squirdy’s YouTube channel, even if you are not a gamer. With this couple, you get so much more than just game content. They talk about life. They present underlying messages of family, fun, and friendship. In my eyes they are a power couple because they stay true to their passion and purpose. May we all find our calling, put in the hard work and knowledge to obtain it and live life to the fullest. Signing off for now.


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Pac-Man Poetry By V.R.


I’m like a yellow pizza pie with one slice taken out/

I flow around eating pellets and making sounds with my mouth/

I hit the arcade’s with much success in the 1980’s/

I’m so successful that that my sequels we’re starring my lady/

Who has that pretty bow in her head but don’t let her appearance fool you/

When it comes to clearing stages her goal is to rule you/

Oh sure both me and my wife we’re chased by those pesky ghosts/

But if I swallow the big pill, they better run or else they are toast!/


When the black screen blinks, I power up, the ghosts turn a shade/

Of blue I’ve never seen before with their faces disarrayed/

In this maze, I eat cherries and strawberries gaining extra points/

If played in arcades, be sure to bring plenty of coins/

Because I’m truly a retro classic, even in modern times/

And to the ghosts, my foes named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde/

Although we’ve been at odds for years trying to get the upper hand/

I thank you, because without you there would be no Pac-Man!/



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Fun V.R. RetroQuiz 4- 90’s Trivia, Name That Show!

How good are you at 90’s sitcom trivia? Based off the characters listed, name that show from the 1990’s! Post your results in the comment’s section! Enjoy!

  1. Michelle, Stephanie, DJ, Uncle Jessie

  2. Eric, Kenny, Stan, Chef

  3. Hillary, Will, Jeffrey, Carlton

  4. Zach, Kelly, Lisa, Slater

  5. Peggy, Al, Marcy, Bud

  6. Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Ross

  7. Miranda, Samantha, Steve

  8. Eric, Cory, Shawn,

  9. Carl, Steve, Myra, Harriette

  10. Dylan, Brenda, David, Valerie

I hope that you enjoyed this retro quiz! Don’t forget to post your results in the comments section, as well as if you have more great ideas that I can make future quizzes from! I love to get feedback from people on what they would like to see! Answers are below in red. Until next time remember, never let life dictate how far you can make it! Signing off for now,

1) Full House 2) South Park 3) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 4) Saved by the bell 5) Married with children 6) Friends 7) Sex and the city 8) Boy meets world 9) Family Matters 10) Beverly Hills 90210

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Memory Lane Moments Part 2- The Chapters That Were Never Written


Incomplete, inconclusive, fragmented, all words applicable to the past of certain situations in all of our lives. We have all heard the cliche statement time and time again, “Life goes on.” This is true, but sometimes in everyone’s life a certain person, event, or thought may trigger a response of a wide range of emotions. As difficult as these hidden emotions may be to deal with at times, it is necessary for clarity and closure to address such situations.

So question, have you ever hurt someone in your past either intentionally or by mistake? It’s easy to play the victim when we’re on the receiving end of pain but how much harder is it to accept responsibility for pain you directly or indirectly caused another individual? Even then, once you’ve accepted responsibility how do we deal with the guilt? Think about it, in  some extreme cases we’re no longer able to communicate with those we have wronged due to losing touch or maybe they have passed away.

I truly believe our lives are written by God, the author and finisher of our faith. I find peace and comfort in knowing that God knows the end before we start the beginning. What I have a hard time understanding is the correlation between the free will that God gives us to live out the chapters He has already written, verses His omnipotence that has already finished the book. By the end of this article, I hope that you my reader, will receive some insight as well. Stay with me.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. She shared with me a story of how in the past she unintentionally hurt one of her best friends in college.  She recently ran into him after several years and he was acting noticeably distant.  When she questioned him about his demeanor he finally expressed all the feelings of both love and anger he had towards her.  He told her how it hurt when he had to find out via text message, only one day before the wedding, that she was getting married.  He expressed how at that time it felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest yet all he could respond was a reluctant “Congratulations”

Fast forward 5 years and my dear friend is going through a painful divorce. When she finished telling me her story I responded, ‘Have you ever heard the statement, this is a closed chapter in your life? Unfortunately, when it comes to your college friend this is what it is, a chapter closed. She responded, ‘How can the chapter be closed if it was never written in the first place?’ Interesting synopsis, I thought to myself.  I stopped to really digest that question and after some contemplation realized her frustration was not because it was a completed chapter but because there wasn’t closure in one that was never written. So now she is living with thoughts of “what if’s” and “I wonder.”

Some of us have situations from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s that are incomplete chapters in our book of life. If we are honest, sometimes regret can creep into our thinking and negative emotions may flare from seemingly missed opportunities in our past. Not everyone has the Peaches and Herb experience of “Reunited and it feels so good”. Some of us have the Katy Perry experience of “The one that got away”. What do we do with those feelings?

I unfortunately don’t have the magical answer for the chapters that were never written. One thing I have learned as a writer though is that the chapters never written have snippets of wisdom and experience that we can use in the current stories of our lives. There is a reason why you are not with that person, did not get that job or promotion, or couldn’t qualify for that home. Could it be that in your story, God is completing an even greater masterpiece of art,such that when others read your story that will draw strength and hope from it?

I challenge you my reader not to run from your past. Give yourself permission to dissect the intricate details of the chapters never written or completed. I know it hurts, and although you cannot go back and write those chapters yourself, learn from them and  use that wisdom to positively impact your story currently being written. After all we are only human, which means we live out what is written. Even the best writers are limited in their creative scope which means that the inspiration to do more has to come from somewhere. Find the beauty in your struggle, and use it in each future chapter of your story as you reflect back from memory lane. Signing off for now.


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Why Should You Dare To Be Different? An official VR review.

From the moment the VHS tape was inserted into the VCR, I knew it was something special. Then I saw the old school vintage style television with the turn knobs and got excited! The young version of Christian rapper Andy Mineo wearing the 1980’s style Adidas red jacket, priceless. Finally, watching a young Lecrae, playing Nintendo with a retro style hoodie over his hat, I knew this video was going to be something special.

Sure the late 1980’s, early 1990’s references are fantastic. The video snippets of an old school laundry mat, the arcade scene of kids playing Pac-Man, and the kids riding bikes may even put the viewer in the mindset of something that you would see on the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. I love the delivery of the visual messages in the video. It does a great job of bringing me back to my own childhood. Back to a simpler time where kids rode bikes and played outside. Then there is the lyrical message.


“Say I won’t, why ya’ll scared to be different? And I bet I will, you can say I wont!” It’s a fun song, how Hip-Hop used to be throughout the 80’s and most of the 90’s. When Andy Mineo states “Say I won’t rap over bag pipes? Say I won’t talk about that price? To know Christ and live life like every night is my last night woah?” I chuckled at the delivery, and then realized that i appreciate anyone being true to themselves and their faith. Although the song is silly in nature, the subliminal messages from both rappers are fantastic in this song! In a Hip-Hop culture today dominated by clothes, wealth, and fame, I love how Christian rapper Lecrae starts his verse. He creatively states “Say I won’t sell my shoes and take my kids to Chuckie Cheese with the money? Say I won’t bring my own bottle of Pellegrino to the movies with me, say I won’t? Pellegrino is some refreshing mineral water, I must agree Lecrae. 🙂

I love this song! The reason I love this song, is because it is counter cultural and takes a bold stand for positivity in a primarily negative Hip-Hop culture today. It let’s children know that it is not only okay to be an anomaly in today’s society, but more importantly it gives the listener confidence to question others about being part of the status quo! I have 4 children myself, and I play this song for my kids all the time. I believe that both children and adults should realize that their God given potential grants them the ability to be different. I believe that if God wanted us to be like everybody else, He would have created us all the same. So ask yourself the question, why would you want to be like everyone else? Dare to be different! Do you not realize that you were created not to fit in, but to stand out? You are special! You do matter! You are here on this earth for a reason! Do something original and creative today, and if someone doubts you, simply say to them “Say I won’t?”


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50 Blog Followers, Thank You For Your Support!

Since I started my blogging journey in January 2018 as Vintage RetroMan, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderful people online. I put off my dream of being a writer for years, as I was so afraid to take that first step of faith. What will people think of my content? How will my readers perceive what I am trying to accomplish? I need to have a set goal in mind don’t I, and shouldn’t I have a long drawn out plan on how to achieve my goal?

Then I remembered, I love retro, and I love people, so let’s start from there. Love! That is why I write. The love for the pen, as I used to call it growing up. That is why I have been a writer since I was in the 5th grade, writing simple poems and short stories even back then. In middle school, I wrote more advanced poetry and stories. In high school, I began writing raps and love songs, which stuck with me throughout college. Still, no matter what I was actually writing, it was always the love that propelled me to deliver a message via written form. Today is no different.

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to my readers. To some people, 50 followers may be trivial. To me, it is a huge milestone. I just want all of my readers to know how much I genuinely care about every like, comment, opinion, constructive criticism, and overall contribution you all give to my blog and Instagram page daily. My life has truly changed since January of this year. When my father passed away last month, my readers were there for me. I was hurting so bad and you, my reader, lifted me. Thank you.

In conclusion, I am going to echo something my father used to tell me all of the time. My dad stated, “Son, quit worrying about all the in’s and out’s of everything all of the time. Sometimes in life, you just have to jump right in and do it! You will make your mistakes, and that’s okay. Learn as you go along and quit overthinking trying to figure it all out at once!” That is what I did with my blog this year. I jumped right in, and I am so glad I did! Are you on the fence about something? Some goal, some dream? Please listen to my dad. You will be glad you did! Signing off for now……..