The Official Vintage Retroman Video Game Story

In year 23xx, the world as we know it was peaceful. After decades of war, bloodshed, and tears the planet Thothar was finally at peace. The robot apocalypse was over and humans finally began to rebuild their broken world. A world once ruled by depression, anxiety, mental illness, and evil was no more. Also, the ways of the past had been completely forgotten. As the … Continue reading The Official Vintage Retroman Video Game Story

Celebration 2019

As we enter 2019, where are you mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Are you optimistic about a new year, or plagued by issues of your recent past that maybe didn’t quite work out. Let’s be honest for a second, 2018 was a rough year for many people. I think about how many people i know that struggled with what i call the 3 D’s: debt, death, and … Continue reading Celebration 2019

The Giving Of Thanks, By V.R.

Being thankful is so underrated these days. I think back to my childhood growing up. I was an 80’s baby, born in 1983 yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. Thanksgiving at my mother’s house was always a great time. The nostalgic smell of roasted turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, fresh collard greens, candied yams, cornbread, and so much more fills my nostrils … Continue reading The Giving Of Thanks, By V.R.

Withholding Heart, Spiritual Song By Vintage Retroman

Withholding heart, is the way that i fail You daily/ Withholding heart, even though i truly need You/ Withholding heart, i struggle in my imperfections/ Withholding heart, sometimes i do what i shouldn’t do/ (Bridge 1)- So take my heart, and completely make me over/ So take my heart (take my heart)…and make me brand new/ So take my heart, because i don’t have any … Continue reading Withholding Heart, Spiritual Song By Vintage Retroman

V.R’s Top 3 November offers!

Hello everyone, Vintage Retroman here! Starting in November, in addition to my creative content i will be doing monthly reviews on apps and products that i highly recommend to my readers, based off of personal experience and those people close to me! We all know that their are thousands of great apps on Google Play and the Apple Store. Since i work in Marketing/Advertisement for … Continue reading V.R’s Top 3 November offers!

Pac-Man Poetry By V.R.

I’m like a yellow pizza pie with one slice taken out/ I flow around eating pellets and making sounds with my mouth/ I hit the arcade’s with much success in the 1980’s/ I’m so successful that that my sequels we’re starring my lady/ Who has that pretty bow in her head but don’t let her appearance fool you/ When it comes to clearing stages her … Continue reading Pac-Man Poetry By V.R.

TMNT Poem- The Tale Of 4 Heroes In A Half Shell

Listen up everyone i have a story to tell/ About 4 heroes, who happen to be in a half shell/ Their names for short are Leo, Mikey, Donny, and Raphael/ Turtles that are teenage mutants from the sewers that smell/ We met up with April O’ Neil who reported that crime/ Is sharply increasing, because of this group called the foot clan/ Led by the … Continue reading TMNT Poem- The Tale Of 4 Heroes In A Half Shell

Kirby, Lit In Dreamland!! A Rap By V.R.

I’m just a pink puff/ looking to eat lot’s of random stuff/ such an unlikely hero, some people say i don’t look so tough/ But i say, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover/ because in Dreamland i promise you will never find another/ Hero/ My name is Kirby and i came on the scene/ in 1993 battling King Dededee on your screen/ So … Continue reading Kirby, Lit In Dreamland!! A Rap By V.R.