What is the mission of VintageRetroman?

I get the question often, what or who is Vintage RetroMan? What is the mission, the goal or the purpose of it?  Vintage RetroMan is a brand, represented by a character who’s mission is trifold.

  1. To present proper retro representation from the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s culture, style, and music to a younger generation.
  2. To prove that the vintage culture and styles of the past are still popular and relevant today through blog articles and reviews.
  3. To bring the feelings of nostalgia to all people through retro products sold in good condition at a reasonable price.

I truly feel that our culture should never die. If you were born in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, think back to the good times as a kid. We were the last generations before instant technology, smart phones, and social media. We went outside consistently and played. When we did play video games, they were 8-bit pixels and 16-bit graphics but so much fun! Vintage RetroMan is the defender of the ideals of vintage and retro, to make sure it never dies but gets passed down to future generations. Signing off…….


Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment

Where did these green clothes come from, how did I get here?/

Why do I look around and there’s nothing but an open field here?/

I observe and see the boulders and a couple of trees/

In dusty Hyrule field, no weapon, magic, or rupees/


My name is Link, I just got word that Zelda is missing/

The King of Hyrule’s going crazy, the castle’s in a frenzy/

They say that Gannon, the evil villain riding his black high horse/

Is on an vile mission trying to collect the other Triforce!/


That will not happen under my watch, I may be young but I’m brave!/

I look across the field, not sure if I should enter that dark cave/

I enter slowly and the wise man speaks with a cautious tone/

Lays out the wood sword and says “Take this, It’s dangerous to go alone!”


Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove

This is my 2nd review installment on Smooth Mcgroove and i must say, musically he really exceeded my expectations on this rendition. The vocal parts from bass to soprano are beautifully done throughout the song. The arrangement is darn near perfection, in my opinion.

What really sets this one apart in my opinion though is his drum sounds. The breaks are incredible! I still don’t know how exactly Smooth is able to do that with his mouth! The timing is perfection in the percussion, and his vocal range to hit those high notes over the drum rifts is quite impressive. If you are a rock fan, a video game fan, or just enjoy good music please check out this one by Smooth Mcgroove. Love, peace, and happiness to all.


The VintageRetroman’s “Thank You!” 😊

Team, I appreciate you all and all of your support of http://www.vintageretroman.com! Whether it’s a like, a comment, an order, or a simple prayer i am so grateful for the many amazing people God has blessed me to be in contact with on my website! I pray that you all fulfill your purpose, meet your passion, and complete your dream! Also, if you are on Instagram and care to see more cool retro items, check out my Instagram page @vintageretroman. Most importantly remember…..”Never let life dictate how far you can make it!” -V.R.

-Chuck the VintageRetroman and his wife Deidra (chief editor), 2017

The Sonic the Hedgehog framed collection- Perfect for your mancave or kids room!

Sonic Collection

Own 3 pieces of history in one! The Sonic framed collection makes great gift to any retro game lover. Never forget those memories. Excellent condition! $25.00 for all 3 with free shipping!


Sonic Collection

Own 3 pieces of history in one! The Sonic framed collection makes great gift to any retro game lover. Never forget those memories. Excellent condition! $25.00 for all 3 with free shipping!


Watch “Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld Theme Acapella” on YouTube

If you have never seen or heard the famous YouTuber Smooth Mcgroove, you are missing a real treat. He has amazing talent in making acapella versions of classic video game music. This guy is unreal how he breaks up the parts to each song and blends them perfectly. The gameplay even goes along with his singing on most songs. Check out this Super Mario Bros 2 rendition by Smooth Mcgroove. Be careful though, you might get hooked!