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A Vintage Retroman’s Plea From The “Green Hill Zone” Part 2, “The Search for V.R.”

Upon enjoying my vacation in beautiful Emerald Hill/

I felt refreshed laid back feet up sipping on coconut milk/

This is a much needed break for the fastest thing alive/

Sonic the Hedgehog is my name, into the mellow I dive/


Which is the song I sing as I backstroke in the Aquatic Mine/

A zone in Sonic Adventure 2 where I like to swim and unwind/

This is the best vacation ever, not a care in this world/

I should do this more often with Amy Rose that’s my girl/


Amy, hold on a second I can hear my phone ringing/

Hello…..oh hey Tails how are you my good friend?/

What…..Dr. Eggman’s ship just crashed and it’s sinking?/

In the Green Hill waterfall and he kidnapped Vintage Retroman?/


You’re kidding? What an unbelievable turn of events!/

I have to find him he’s probably trying to survive in wilderness/

So much for the bliss of this vacation when duty calls I respond/

I am the blue spin attack, Sonic the Hedgehog after all!/


Hold on V.R. hang in there buddy, I’ll find you in the tropics/

I know the tactics of the diabolical Dr. Robotnik/

Amy, take my blue car and I’ll be right behind you/

Vintage Retroman hold on sir, we are coming to find you/

To be continued……………….

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Fun V.R. Retroquiz 6- Name That Movie! 90’s Movie Quotes

Welcome back to the 1990’s! We all love movies, so this particular retro quiz is all about the zingers, the one liner’s, and the clever quotes. The rules are simple, read the quote and guess the movie! Don’t forget to post your results in the comment section below. Answers are also below. Enjoy the quiz folks!


  1. “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.”
  2. “You can’t handle the truth!”
  3. “That’ll do pig….that’ll do.”
  4. “Show me the money!”
  5. “Keep the change ya filthy animal!”
  6. “They may take our lives….but they’ll never take our freedom!”
  7. “That wasn’t flying, that was falling with style.”
  8. “You’re killin’ me smalls!”
  9. “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good!”
  10. “Do you understand the words that’s coming out of my mouth?”
  11. “Get busy livin’ or get busy dying.”
  12. “Face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance”
  13. “I’m thinking about getting me an appointment and go down and get my colon cleansed thoroughly.”
  14. “What we call drugs at seventy-forth street Baptist church, we call dem a sinny-sin-sin!”
  15. “Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!”
  16. “A-B-C. A Always, B. Be, C. Closing. Always be closing! Always be closing!”
  17. “Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny baby? Do I? Randy?!”
  18. “I’m the king of the world!”
  19. “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, and you go do somethin’ like this and total redeem yourself!”
  20. “Oh and this one time, at band camp….”


Well that’s all folks! Don’t forget to post your result in the comments section! Answers are below! Until the next retro quiz, enjoy life and never let it dictate how far you can make it! Signing off for now.








Answers: 1) Forrest Gump 2) A Few Good Men 3) Babe 4) Jerry Maguire 5) Home Alone 6) Braveheart 7) Toy Story 8) Sandlot 9) Men in Black 10) Rush Hour 11) Shawshank Redempton 12) Fried Green Tomatoes 13) Nutty Professor 14) Friday 15) A Time to Kill 16) Glengarry Glen Ross 17) Austin Powers 18) Titanic 19) Dumb and Dumber 20) American Pie

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Memory Lane Moments Part 3- A Different Take On Time Travel

What if I told you that there actually is a such thing as a time machine? Would you my reader believe me, or would you think I am going crazy? Would you want to know more, or just write off what I am saying because it seems far fetched? My friends, I submit to you that time machines are real! I know they are, because I have seen them with my own two eyes! I have heard them with my ears! I am not going crazy here, please stay with me as I take you on this journey down memory lane.

When I was a child growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s, I could distinctly remember certain places, people, and events easily in my youth. Fast forward to 2018, it is not as easy as it use to be to remember those things. As we age we still have our memories, but our mind generally is not as sharp as it used to be. Sometimes I forget what I was talking about 5 minutes ago, yet I can remember an event from 25 years ago through one particular vehicle, or as I like to call it, time machine.

I will not make you my reader wait any longer. The time machine I am referring to is the vehicle of music. Yes my friends, music is a time machine in which I use to travel back down memory lane to remember specific details of life. Below are a few examples of specific events I am reminded of, every time I hear these songs.

  1. screenshot_2018-05-12-12-32-45-1208133503.pngStevie Wonder’s “Another Star”– When hearing this beautifully crafted piece of music, I instantly travel back to 2 different era’s of my life. The first is 1996, sitting with my brother Julius in the back room of my parents home talking about life and eating Hot Pockets. When this album played, my brother did not realize the values he was instilling in me that had a long lasting positive effect on my life. He was molding me in several subjects, from how to handle my business as a young man, to how to impress girls when I went to high school the next year. He taught me to be smart and not get caught up in the system, all while Stevie was playing in the background. The second era was 2001. This was my freshman year in college at Winston-Salem State University sitting in the stands watching the Durham N.C. Battle Of The bands. Virginia State University’s marching band marched out to “Another Star” and it sounded amazing! They were a primary rival of my school at that time, but I must admit I loved the way they played this song. I joined the marching band at WSSU the next year, partially to battle VSU because of this event.
  2. screenshot_2018-05-12-12-34-52-11921006611.pngJames Taylor’s “Shower The People”– When hearing this song, I instantly think of my father and warp back to my childhood. The year was 1988. I was 5 years old at the time. I remember that being the year my parents had a sun room completed in our home. I remember my dad playing this beautiful song on his guitar and the whole family would sit and listen. Then we would go outside right after and play. My dad would continue to play and sing, while me and my 8 year old sister Tomeka made mud pies. I was young, but I remember the message of this song because it was full of emotion. The lyrics were so powerful back then and now.  In the second verse of the song, James passionately sang, “You can run but you cannot hide, this is widely known, what do you plan to do with your foolish pride, when you’re all by yourself alone? Better to shower the people you love with love.” -Classic
  3. screenshot_2018-05-12-12-31-13-1-2125786138.pngNas’s “The World Is Yours”, leading track on his classic album “Illmatic“- Ah spring 1994, I will never forget. I was almost 11 years old and definitely not supposed to be listening to hip-hop music, but tell that to my 5 older brothers! I take this time machine back to that spring, walking with my older brother’s Westly and Julius to Greg’s house, their best friend. I distinctly remember playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Mortal Kombat on his Sega Genesis, when I heard the piano cords at the beginning of this song before Nas started rapping. I turned the TV down to hear what the rapper was saying. Even at my young age, I was taken away by his words and descriptions of the living conditions in the infamous “Queensbridge” Project Homes of Queens, New York. The lyrics that rapper Nas stated on the second verse were incredible to me. He stated, “They aiming guns at all my baby pictures/beef with housing police, release scriptures that’s maybe Hitler’s/ Yet I’m the mild, money-getting style, rolling foul/ The versatile, honey-sticking wild golden child/ Dwelling in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled.” Nas had incredible talent, because he has the ability to make you feel what he saw everyday. That is what great artists do, in my opinion.

These are only 3 examples of many others where music is the vehicle to travel back in time. I can see almost every detail. Music is so powerful. It is a form of art that brings back many feelings and emotions for the masses. I would love to know how many of you agree, and what songs specifically allow you my reader to travel back in time. It is a great feeling, because we are all just trying to figure out this thing called life. I highly suggest that at some point this weekend, pull out a few of your old time machines and take a ride down memory lane. They come in many different forms. Back then there were only 8 track, vinyl, and cassette time machines. Today we have CD, MP3, and Digital Streaming time machines. No matter the format, pull them out, push play, and fly away. This is Vintage Retroman, signing off for now.


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A Vintage Retroman’s Plea From The “Green Hill Zone” Part 1, “The Disaster”

Sonic, where are you?

Sonic, where are you?

So ironic that I’m searching and cannot find you!/

Let me remind you, you are the hero, don’t make me beg man/

When the clock goes zero, game over, the winner will be Eggman/

I’ve searched far and wide, in and out of this Green Hill Zone/

No trace of blue in the area as i search through and roam/

There are fish jumping out of waterfalls still trying to bite me/

Monkey in trees throwing coconuts and bee’s that’s trying to fight me!/

How did i get here? I just wanted to interview Dr. Robotnik/

We sat down over coffee and had a decent conversation/

Until he kidnapped me, the Vintage Retroman in his star ship/

Flew through the Star Light Zone in bondage with very little consolation/

Your buddy Tails intended no harm when he saw the ship fly/

He was in his airplane doing exercises for practice/

Until he saw me in trouble and possibly we could all die/

And that the evil Dr. Eggman was up to his old tactics/

Tails shot the ship down, we crashed some where in between/

A zone made of marble and the great hill that’s named “Spring”/

Deserted, i slowly walked to the place that were the grass was green/

Hoping to find food and vegetation because I’m starving/

Sonic where are you? I hope that you will be here real soon/

Sonic where are you? The Vintage Retroman needs you/

I still believe that in your world you will help me survive/

Until then, i have to just wait for “The fastest thing alive……..”

To be continued……..


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Fun V.R. RetroQuiz 5- 90’s Cartoon Characters!!

How good are you at naming these cartoon characters from the 1990’s? Take the quiz below today and see! (A big shout out to my follower and blogging buddy @LilyPierce for the terrific idea!😊) Answers are at the very bottom of the page. Some questions have multiple characters, so you get partial credit based on how many you answer correctly in correlation to the number of characters in the question. For instance, if there are 4 characters and you only answer 2 correctly of the 4, you still receive 1/2 credit. Also, please note that there are a few questions without pictures in the quiz to really test your knowledge! Don’t forget to leave a comment on your results in the comments section below. Let’s have some fun and remember, no cheating!! 🙂 Ready, set…..Go!!!!!!

  1. screenshot_2018-05-05-19-28-01-1-1531207186.png
  2. screenshot_2018-05-05-19-22-06-11822976027.png
  3. screenshot_2018-05-05-19-21-32-1-1910934053.png
  4. busterbunny-1693754090.jpg
  5. screenshot_2018-05-05-21-04-19-11236207912.png
  6. What were the names of the 3 nephews on the hit cartoon Ducktales?
  7. screenshot_2018-05-05-21-03-05-1-106225586.png
  8. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-59-28-1-666072896.png
  9. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-58-45-11557418226.png
  10. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-57-35-1319553924.png
  11. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-30-44-1972138262.png
  12. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-27-57-1437000921.png
  13. What was the name of SpongeBob Squarepant’s hometown?
  14. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-24-40-11377980401.png
  15. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-25-34-1-216080888.png
  16. screenshot_2018-05-03-08-38-55-1-756910339.png
  17. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-22-07-1151575996.png
  18. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-23-11-11728097927.png
  19. screenshot_2018-05-05-20-24-00-1-450064654.png
  20. Who were the 2 mice that had a diabolical scheme to take over the world? (Hint: Their actual names were also the name of the show)


I really hope that you enjoyed this quiz! Don’t forget to post your comments in the comments section, as well as if you have any other Retroquiz ideas that I can create for the masses! Love, peace, and blessings to all!








Answers: 1) Bobby from Bobby’s World 2) Phil and Lil 3) Ren and Stimpy 4) Buster Bunny 5) Chip and Dale 6) Huey, Dewey, and Louie 7) Darkwing Duck 8) Megaman 9) Eric Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny 10) Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup 11) T.J. 12) Rocko 13) Bikini Bottom 14) Helga Pataki 15) Angelica Pickles 16) Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael 17) Wacko Warner 18) Doug Funnie 19) Arnold 20) Pinky And The Brain

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Vintage Retro Online Store Apparel

Hello everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that the Vintage Retro Store is always open for business! I always keep retro apparel, toys, and games for sale at great prices, all with free shipping in the continental U.S. If you see something you are interested in, feel free to let me know. I keep all products in great condition and they all have a vintage or retro theme. They all have the PayPal and Credit Card buttons for quick and secure transactions as well. Use the search button at the top of the page to search for a specific item as well. My only goal is to make you feel like a kid again! Love, peace, and happiness to all!






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TMNT Poem- The Tale Of 4 Heroes In A Half Shell


Listen up everyone i have a story to tell/

About 4 heroes, who happen to be in a half shell/

Their names for short are Leo, Mikey, Donny, and Raphael/

Turtles that are teenage mutants from the sewers that smell/


We met up with April O’ Neil who reported that crime/

Is sharply increasing, because of this group called the foot clan/

Led by the infamous villain Shredder who in space and time/

Is trying to capture New York City and rule it under his hand/


Master Splinter, we need your help in fighting the goons on these streets/

We need your training, your mental toughness and expertise/

Sure you’re a rat and we were mutated by toxic waste/

Let us have courage, leave the training base, and fight crime with haste/


To our nemesis’s, Rocksteady and Bebop you will see a disaster/

Also to Mr. Stockman, the fly creature with the first name Baxter/

Your luck has run out, Shredder since you are not the master/

Run from the presence of the turtles or we will finish this faster/


The T stands for teenage not that it matters at all/

The M for mutant, the bigger they are, the harder they fall/

The N stands for Ninja, fighting crime until it will cease/

The T for turtles, unlikely hero’s to restore the world’s peace.


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Mayday Mayday! It’s going down!

May 1st, 1983 a king was born. As I look back reflecting on the events of my life the past 35 years on my birthday, I cannot help but feel grateful for the people and experiences I have encountered for my own personal growth. Many of you know that my dad passed away in March this year, and it left me searching for answers in many area’s of my life. What is amazing, is that I woke up this morning on my birthday feeling different. I had the deepest feelings of peace and gratitude as I sat out at the lake with my wife eating breakfast before work. I thought back to my childhood, and how I used to love going to the lake with my dad. I looked over at the picnic tables and thought about how myself, my 7 brothers and sisters, and my parents would enjoy the natural beauty that God almighty created. With all of those thoughts and emotions, I wanted to take a brief moment to express them through an original poem. It is entitled: MayDay. I hope you all enjoy it!


MayDay by Vintage Retroman

Everyday is a holiday, everyday is a blessing/

Even when it does not seem like it from constantly stressing/

Take some time to enjoy the beauty within the struggle/

Like the butterfly in the cocoon while the leaves rustle/

Life may seem like a challenge, the only thing constant is change/

Have you ever felt how good it feels to dance in the rain?/

Have you ever seen the trees, the grass, or mountains complain?/

Don’t get me wrong I understand the reality of pain/

Hang in their soldier, you are almost at the finish line now/

And as the curtain calls and the show ends, only then take a bow/

Until then, live life to the fullest while you work hard and pray/

My only wish is that you enjoy the experience of this Mayday/


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The Disconnect Of Being Too Connected


Sometimes I just wish for a day that we all could go back. I am talking a time machine and warp back to the past, even if only for a day. As I stare at the small 3.5 x 5′ screen I can’t help but wonder, have I became a zombie, a servant, a slave to the rectangle device we call a smart phone? I am not trying to be one of those “Holier than thou” type people. I love my phone as much as the next person. As I stare waiting for the next update, the next like, the next comment, I get a small fix of the drug I like to call, technocodine. Ok, I just made that up but you my reader gets the picture.

It wasn’t always like this. In elementary school in the 1980’s we played outside and loved it! Rarely did we have technology in our hands except maybe a Nintendo controller for a short time after getting home from school. I remember the days of passing notes in class to my 1st “real” girlfriend, trying to catch her attention and hide from my geometry teacher at the same time. At the bus stop in Middle and High School our status updates were who we called last night on a landline phone and what the conversation consisted of. Prank calls were the best and we all knew to be ready for the wicked “3 way call of doom.” There were no screenshots. The worst that could happen was leaving an embarrassing message on someone’s answering machine!

Where I grew up, if you had a feud with someone you might end up in a brawl after school in front of a small crowd, but regardless of who won or lost guns were rarely a factor. Today, when arguments break out it quickly goes viral on social media and kids are killing other kids over opinions, ideas, and emotions that are not even real. I have never seen anything like this. I worry about our younger generation. The same technology that grants so many opportunities if used correctly, has also caused so much harm to homes, families, and communities.

I know what you are saying, who does this guy Vintage Retroman think he is? He is so self righteous. How dare he address this subject with his audience while he uses technology to do it? Truth be told, I am preaching to myself as well. I am addicted to technology. It is the disconnect of being too connected at times. It’s quite troubling actually. I used to go to the beach to sit out and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the sound of the crashing waves and all the beautiful sights. Now when I go to the beach, I have to capture every single moment on film. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with taking beautiful pictures. What I’m saying is, if taking the perfect picture to capture the beauty or the moment becomes more important than enjoying the moment, that is a problem.

Here is an idea for you, my reader. What if for one day, the world had “International No Technology Day”. Literally 24 hours. Would the world stop spinning? What if there was one day where everyone had to actually have a conversation with another person face to face? Picture just one day, where we talked to our kids and spouses about everything in person. What would it look like, considering we’ve been conditioned to be slaves to technology? Once again, I am not trying to make anyone feel bad. I am trying to make us all think.

I say all of this, as I type my article on my laptop. My smartphone just went off so I will be checking the latest news and social media updates just like you in a minute. Then, I look over at my wife and kids and they’re doing the same. Oh sure we’re all in the same room, so I will justify my actions by saying we are all spending time together. It’s easier that way right? I am sure that my sons would enjoy what they are doing on their phones or video games way more than me tossing the football with them in the yard. My 6 year old daughter doesn’t want to have a tea party with me for sure. Well, maybe they would like that, maybe not. One thing’s for certain though, there’s no way my daughter who plays on her high school softball team wants me to go out in the yard and play pitch and catch, right? Yeah, that’s right, she’d much rather watch softball updates on Twitter or the College Softball World Series?

I am a hypocrite in every sense of the word. I wrote this article for me. I have diagnosed myself with the disconnect of being too connected. Can someone please teach me how to hold down that little red semi circle button that says “Power”? Can someone please help me remember the conversations with my mother around the table while eating a delicious meal? Will someone please let my wife know that I am so sorry. I know that we used to have really long, deep conversations about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I must admit here recently that the quick text conversations of “Hey, how is your day?” “Oh good, that’s good” and “I love you” get just a little old after a while. To my reader, while you are explaining things, please let my children know that I love them and that I promise to learn how to put the laptop, phone, and games down for a little while. I can’t be the only one infected with this disease. Just remember that it is not the devices themselves that are the problem. They are only inanimate objects. We only get sick from the actual disease when our thoughts, motivations, and objectives become subject to over connection. To my reader, I would never judge you. I am simply a fellow traveler trying to get back to using technology for good in its proper context. Let us take this trip together, one step at a time. Signing off for now.