Watch “Bit Brigade performing Mega Man 2 at MAGFest X” on YouTube


These guys are amazing! A ton of talent in one video. I love people that follow their passion, and it is obvious that they love rock music and gaming. Guitar riffs, loud drums, and neon lights along with Mega Man music makes for a great night! Enjoy retro lovers!


One thought on “Watch “Bit Brigade performing Mega Man 2 at MAGFest X” on YouTube

  1. Whoa, 44 minutes! I’ll have to get into that another time, HAHA! But yeah, I love it when a band really digs into some 8-bit songs (or like the ones you’ve been posting, Smooth McGroove, etc.) and just lets it rip.

    I stumbled across Vomitron (what a name, eh?) years ago doing Contra, and I made my way over to their site to discover that they had an entire CD for sale. “No NES For The Wicked.” I bought it, zero regrets. Its in one of my CD slots in my car each and every summer since. Funnily, I was watching another guitar cover for Mega Man X the other day on YouTube, and somebody said that the guy should sell a CD of his covers, and someone else piped in “no, you can’t, thats illegal, copyright laws, blah blah” so I mentioned the Vomitron stuff. Popped back over there to make sure they hadn’t been shut down (HAHA..), and discovered that they released a NEW CD with MORE NES songs, including Mega Man. I ordered it instantly, and I should be getting it later this week. They have a preview on there for both if you’re interested at all.

    My summer is SET! (Well, theres more to it than 2 CDs, but it makes for a good message, haha)


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