A VR music review “Billie Jean/Poison” medley by Straight No Chaser

That girl named Billie Jean is truly poison. By now in 2018, most of us know that according to legendary pop singer Michael Jackson, that regardless of what Billie Jean said, indeed the kid was not his son. Despite this knowledge, it still doesn’t prevent us from listening to this classic first released in 1982 over and over. Years later when the Billboard hit R&B group Bel Biv Devoe released Poison, we learned that you should never “trust a big butt and a smile” in 1990. When the talented accepella group Straight No Chaser decided to combine the two classic songs, they created nothing short of a masterpiece.

When the listener hears the initial beat box in the opening sequence of the medley with the bass line from the hit Billie Jean, you know it is going to be good. Then when the singers combine harmonies in singing”Girl i must warn you” from Poison over the Billie Jean beatbox, i was blown away! The group does an excellent job balancing the two songs in a call and response rhythm, combining the best elements of both songs from the 80’s and 90’s. By the time the listener hears the combination of the two songs in the chorus, then the switch up to the lyrics of Billie Jean in the second verse, the blend is remarkable. As a true music lover, i cannot get enough of this particular medley. Straight No Chaser has always been an impressive group in my opinion. This song is just a true testament of what happens musically when creativity takes over. Nicely done Straight No Chaser.


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