Why Should You Dare To Be Different? An official VR review.

From the moment the VHS tape was inserted into the VCR, I knew it was something special. Then I saw the old school vintage style television with the turn knobs and got excited! The young version of Christian rapper Andy Mineo wearing the 1980’s style Adidas red jacket, priceless. Finally, watching a young Lecrae, playing Nintendo with a retro style hoodie over his hat, I knew this video was going to be something special.

Sure the late 1980’s, early 1990’s references are fantastic. The video snippets of an old school laundry mat, the arcade scene of kids playing Pac-Man, and the kids riding bikes may even put the viewer in the mindset of something that you would see on the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. I love the delivery of the visual messages in the video. It does a great job of bringing me back to my own childhood. Back to a simpler time where kids rode bikes and played outside. Then there is the lyrical message.


“Say I won’t, why ya’ll scared to be different? And I bet I will, you can say I wont!” It’s a fun song, how Hip-Hop used to be throughout the 80’s and most of the 90’s. When Andy Mineo states “Say I won’t rap over bag pipes? Say I won’t talk about that price? To know Christ and live life like every night is my last night woah?” I chuckled at the delivery, and then realized that i appreciate anyone being true to themselves and their faith. Although the song is silly in nature, the subliminal messages from both rappers are fantastic in this song! In a Hip-Hop culture today dominated by clothes, wealth, and fame, I love how Christian rapper Lecrae starts his verse. He creatively states “Say I won’t sell my shoes and take my kids to Chuckie Cheese with the money? Say I won’t bring my own bottle of Pellegrino to the movies with me, say I won’t? Pellegrino is some refreshing mineral water, I must agree Lecrae. 🙂

I love this song! The reason I love this song, is because it is counter cultural and takes a bold stand for positivity in a primarily negative Hip-Hop culture today. It let’s children know that it is not only okay to be an anomaly in today’s society, but more importantly it gives the listener confidence to question others about being part of the status quo! I have 4 children myself, and I play this song for my kids all the time. I believe that both children and adults should realize that their God given potential grants them the ability to be different. I believe that if God wanted us to be like everybody else, He would have created us all the same. So ask yourself the question, why would you want to be like everyone else? Dare to be different! Do you not realize that you were created not to fit in, but to stand out? You are special! You do matter! You are here on this earth for a reason! Do something original and creative today, and if someone doubts you, simply say to them “Say I won’t?”


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