Mayday Mayday! It’s going down!

May 1st, 1983 a king was born. As I look back reflecting on the events of my life the past 35 years on my birthday, I cannot help but feel grateful for the people and experiences I have encountered for my own personal growth. Many of you know that my dad passed away in March this year, and it left me searching for answers in many area’s of my life. What is amazing, is that I woke up this morning on my birthday feeling different. I had the deepest feelings of peace and gratitude as I sat out at the lake with my wife eating breakfast before work. I thought back to my childhood, and how I used to love going to the lake with my dad. I looked over at the picnic tables and thought about how myself, my 7 brothers and sisters, and my parents would enjoy the natural beauty that God almighty created. With all of those thoughts and emotions, I wanted to take a brief moment to express them through an original poem. It is entitled: MayDay. I hope you all enjoy it!


MayDay by Vintage Retroman

Everyday is a holiday, everyday is a blessing/

Even when it does not seem like it from constantly stressing/

Take some time to enjoy the beauty within the struggle/

Like the butterfly in the cocoon while the leaves rustle/

Life may seem like a challenge, the only thing constant is change/

Have you ever felt how good it feels to dance in the rain?/

Have you ever seen the trees, the grass, or mountains complain?/

Don’t get me wrong I understand the reality of pain/

Hang in their soldier, you are almost at the finish line now/

And as the curtain calls and the show ends, only then take a bow/

Until then, live life to the fullest while you work hard and pray/

My only wish is that you enjoy the experience of this Mayday/


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