Fun V.R. Retroquiz 6- Name That Movie! 90’s Movie Quotes

Welcome back to the 1990’s! We all love movies, so this particular retro quiz is all about the zingers, the one liner’s, and the clever quotes. The rules are simple, read the quote and guess the movie! Don’t forget to post your results in the comment section below. Answers are also below. Enjoy the quiz folks!


  1. “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.”
  2. “You can’t handle the truth!”
  3. “That’ll do pig….that’ll do.”
  4. “Show me the money!”
  5. “Keep the change ya filthy animal!”
  6. “They may take our lives….but they’ll never take our freedom!”
  7. “That wasn’t flying, that was falling with style.”
  8. “You’re killin’ me smalls!”
  9. “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good!”
  10. “Do you understand the words that’s coming out of my mouth?”
  11. “Get busy livin’ or get busy dying.”
  12. “Face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance”
  13. “I’m thinking about getting me an appointment and go down and get my colon cleansed thoroughly.”
  14. “What we call drugs at seventy-forth street Baptist church, we call dem a sinny-sin-sin!”
  15. “Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!”
  16. “A-B-C. A Always, B. Be, C. Closing. Always be closing! Always be closing!”
  17. “Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you horny baby? Do I? Randy?!”
  18. “I’m the king of the world!”
  19. “Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, and you go do somethin’ like this and total redeem yourself!”
  20. “Oh and this one time, at band camp….”


Well that’s all folks! Don’t forget to post your result in the comments section! Answers are below! Until the next retro quiz, enjoy life and never let it dictate how far you can make it! Signing off for now.








Answers: 1) Forrest Gump 2) A Few Good Men 3) Babe 4) Jerry Maguire 5) Home Alone 6) Braveheart 7) Toy Story 8) Sandlot 9) Men in Black 10) Rush Hour 11) Shawshank Redempton 12) Fried Green Tomatoes 13) Nutty Professor 14) Friday 15) A Time to Kill 16) Glengarry Glen Ross 17) Austin Powers 18) Titanic 19) Dumb and Dumber 20) American Pie

4 thoughts on “Fun V.R. Retroquiz 6- Name That Movie! 90’s Movie Quotes

  1. I’m too embarrassed to share my score but let’s just say I have a new list of films to watch 🙂 thanks for the awesome activities! I can’t wait for more and I hope you are having a fantastic day!

    Liked by 1 person

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