Beyond The Horizon- The Beauty Of The “Staycation”

Beyond the horizon, in my mind I am headed to Horizons park. The name has echoed through my head enough the past 72 hours. Beyond the horizon I can see it. One of my favorite places to visit growing up. My family of 10 would fill up dad’s old white station wagon and leave our home in east Winston-Salem and take the short drive over to the sleepy town of Germanton, NC. My parents knew how to fill up the cooler the right way, with chips, sweet snacks, and Capri Suns!

This was the 1980’s, so pulling up to the park we would always see teenagers with big George Michael styled haircuts playing frisbee in the big field bordering the park’s entrance. Young kids playing horseshoes and volleyball dressed in styles that varied from that of the music group New Edition to pop artist Rick Astley. These were great times. My parents would find the perfect picnic table, fire up the grill and start the barbeque. I can remember having my first childhood kiss here. I was 6 years old and it ironically happened at a church picnic; pure innocence, pure bliss.

As the warm summer breeze would rustle the trees, I remember as a kid looking around at the beauty of nature. The true essence of this feeling is captured in the classic song Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft. Even back then, the feelings of euphoria and nostalgia would engulf my very being. My brothers and sisters playing games. My mother asking me to sample delicious food fresh off of the grill. We literally would spend the whole day at the park, heading home at dusk. As the day would come to a close, It was a feeling best described by the lyrics of the song “Golden Time Of Day” by Frankie Beverly and Maze. During the ride home us kids generally would be passed out in the station wagon. When we arrived home after what always seemed like a long ride, my parents would carry me into the house, and I wouldn’t even realize that I was asleep until I woke up the next morning.

Summer Breeze

Golden Time of Day

Growing up, I never realized the profound impact these events would have on my life. My parents didn’t have much so the occasional day trip or ‘Staycation’ meant so much to us kids! Coming from a large, lower income family, we could not afford family vacations growing up however these day trips provided something priceless in my book, great memories. Fast forward 25-30 years and it’s amazing how I try to capture these same feelings with my own family. With more resources and access, I find it ironic that at times it can be more difficult to capture the time capsules of memories like I used to as a kid. Still, we have moments in our family now where I see a resemblance to the days of old and I love it!

The morals of the story are, never underestimate the power of a good staycation. Life is not always about taking large-scale trips around the globe. Money can’t buy happiness. The beauty of the outdoors is irreplaceable. Most importantly, life is worth living. I don’t know what you may be going through right now but I know life can be difficult. Could it be that a short ‘staycation’ is exactly what you need? I challenge you to give it a shot and report back in the comment section of this article how things went. Signing off for now,


6 thoughts on “Beyond The Horizon- The Beauty Of The “Staycation”

  1. Yes indeed! 💯✔
    Truth…you dont need to go far to have fun (or make fun). I couldnt agree more! Great post!
    I have a lot of great memories hiking in the woods with my sister. We never had to go far to make memories.

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  2. What a beautiful memory! It definitely hit home for me, because my family would do this exact same thing at a local park, pack up a ton of food, pitch a little shade tent and spend the whole day there! Precious memories, thanks for sharing


  3. This has touched me so much, I can relate. I grew up with an older brother and two younger sisters so we had to make things stretch growing up and I mean everything. From toys, to clothes, to food. We all shared and I too can recall many staycations to the park or the mountains and the beach. The beach was the best though. At the beach is where we would spend the whole day, catching sand crabs, body surfing, my mother always had a cooler full of snacks and beverages. As the day neared it’s end we were treated to an orchestra of nature. Hearing the waves break beneath a kaleidoscope of oranges, yellows, pinks and reds as the world turned with the glittering gilded glowing glint of the sun dipping over the horizon. The day was over but the memories. The memories remain and I’m so grateful to have them. Thank you for this heart felt story. It really brought me back to such a wonderful place. You’re the best. Take care.

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    1. Jameson thank you my friend, this means so much to me. Your story is amazing as well. Those experiences we cherish forever! I literally could feel myself there in your experience. Thank you for sharing my friend!😊


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