A Blast From The Past!

I always appreciate when our youth are blessed with talents and have the courage to share them. One of the most difficult things we deal with as creative people is unconstructive criticism. Whether you are an artist, a graphic designer, a blogger, a musician, a dancer, or any other artistic person it takes courage. Many times, people outside the creative realm don’t understand that we open up our hearts and souls through the content we create.

Recently at my church, one of our young men by the name of Kevin Brewington who is only 16 years old, mustered up the courage to share some of his sketches with me. To him, it is just a hobby. Something he enjoys to past time between school and football. To me, a retro lover, it is excitement, exhilaration, and a cool drawing i am taking to work to show off on my desk! A true blast from the past!

I wanted to share this with my followers, because Kevin is a great young man that is very talented and has a great appreciation for art. More importantly he is an excellent student and a model citizen. He charges a small fee for his custom made hand drawings, but his work is more than worth it. If you are interested in contacting Kevin and having some work done, his Instagram is @brew1ngton and his email is megatronbrew5@gmail.com. Thanks in advance! Love, peace, and happiness to all.


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