Kirby, Lit In Dreamland!! A Rap By V.R.

I’m just a pink puff/ looking to eat lot’s of random stuff/ such an unlikely hero, some people say i don’t look so tough/

But i say, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover/ because in Dreamland i promise you will never find another/

Hero/ My name is Kirby and i came on the scene/ in 1993 battling King Dededee on your screen/

So take a trip to Dreamland where there is no half steppin’/I eat my enemies like wack MC’s and then take their weapon/

It doesn’t matter if it’s Vegetable Valley or the Grape Gardens/ Or if that tree that i have to battle has all those apples falling/ You can be Paint Roller, Heavy Mole, or even Meta Knight/ I’m lit in Dreamland, i save the world, and then drop the mic……. (Crowd screams)

Written by Vintage Retroman

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