Kirby, Lit In Dreamland!! A Rap By V.R.

I’m just a pink puff/ looking to eat lot’s of random stuff/ such an unlikely hero, some people say i don’t look so tough/

But i say, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover/ because in Dreamland i promise you will never find another/

Hero/ My name is Kirby and i came on the scene/ in 1993 battling King Dededee on your screen/

So take a trip to Dreamland where there is no half steppin’/I eat my enemies like wack MC’s and then take their weapon/

It doesn’t matter if it’s Vegetable Valley or the Grape Gardens/ Or if that tree that i have to battle has all those apples falling/ You can be Paint Roller, Heavy Mole, or even Meta Knight/ I’m lit in Dreamland, i save the world, and then drop the mic……. (Crowd screams)

Written by Vintage Retroman

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Published by VintageRetroMan

Introducing Chuck Price aka V.RetroMan, the dynamic representer of the 80's babies, born in the south. Lover of everything from Nintendo classics and 80's soft rock, to college marching bands and hot political debates. Take a trip with V. RetroMan to the land of it all.

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