Capture The Magic Moments…


Throwback pictures, classic music, old movies, funny memories are the magic of this life. Not a single one of us are guaranteed to live until we are 100, let alone even retire this day and age. I am not saying don’t save for a rainy day or invest in your future. On the contrary, I believe it is important for each of us to be responsible when it comes to our financial health to promote financial freedom, long term. What I am saying though is that God gave us only one life to live on this earth. Recently, I spent time with my family in our nation’s capital. I had the opportunity to listen to music from my childhood, hear about memories of my high school days, laugh, joke, drink, eat, and relax. It is amazing that truly some of the best things in life are free. Memories are magic moments. Look back on the resume on your life and see how God has year by year brought you out of humble beginnings to your current state of mental being. Sometimes, take some time to capture the magic moments. Take that trip, try that new dish, take that risk, step out on faith. It’s important that we realize how essential it is to have moments of reflection mentally in this life, because tomorrow is not promised. It is so important to look at even negative events and find the good in those as well. After all, life is not perfect, people aren’t perfect, and processes aren’t perfect. It is important to realize that it’s okay. Breathe, because truthfully the majority of life is fleeting moments of pleasure in between long periods of routine. Remember, since there is nothing new under the sun, take some time and capture the magic moments.

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