How Legends Are Made Part 2 of 3- Playing Zelda’s Heartstrings (Remastered)

Dear Link,

Wow, I’m speechless! It amazes me that despite the fact you stay so occupied from the harsh realities of battle in Hyrule, that you still make time to write me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me such a priority in your life. Your last letter was filled with so much affection, I already feel as though I am inadequate to craft a correct response, but I will try.

First and foremost, right now things are going relatively well here at Hyrule Castle. For once we feel as if some peace has been restored to the town center, thanks largely to you Link! The palace guards haven’t reported a threat of Moblin’s or those huge evil Tektite spiders in over 2 months! That is great news, considering the fact that at one time we were getting multiple reported incidents of attacks weekly. The most that we have seen recently is an Octorok or two shooting rocks outside of the palace gates, which I typically handle myself from my top window in the castle with either my bow and arrow, or your old slingshot. By the way Link, yes I still have that great aim to take them out right between the eyes, like you said in your letter. You taught me well my warrior. 😉

Anyway, my father is good! He still goes on and on about being the King of Hyrule, as if I care! He makes me laugh because he acts like such a big shot, but as soon as my mother commands anything it’s “Yes Queen, No Queen”. He is a good man though, so I don’t pester him too much. Other than that, things have been pretty boring around Central Hyrule. The king of the Goron’s did stop by last week and had a sizzling rock steak dinner with my father and they talked business. I am happy to report that our alliance with the Goron rock people are stronger than ever. We need them to help keep the Death Mountain region of Hyrule neutralized from the evil Gannon and his armies of minions. It seems as if Death Mountain is always a hotbed of resistance, no pun intended. We feel that any support we can give you in that area we will invest in, because we know the resources help you.

So in your last letter you talked about when we were kids. Of course I remember all of the times we shared together! We had so much fun at the Lon Lon Ranch and Lake Hylia! You were and still are the best fisherman I know Link! I would always get excited when you would let me try, even though I wasn’t that good at it! By the way, how is your horse Epona? I feel like she is a big part of this family. Such a splendid stallion she is! Truly a special horse you were blessed with. Please pet her a few times for me. 🙂

I think it is so funny that you mentioned your Ocarina in your letter, because I truly believe that when you first got it, you hated it when we were kids. You rarely played it at first. You said it reminded you too much of your old whistle, which played the same exact tune every time and only transported you to the entrance of dungeons, which you absolutely hated. But as you continued to practice you became better and better. I distinctly remember you playing “The Song of Time” and “The Song of Storms”, which I loved those melodies.

Then you learned my lullaby. When you perfected that song, my heart melted. It may have been that song that made me want to be more than just your friend. I started to fall in love with you Link, but I couldn’t show it. We were too young to fully understand, or so I thought. I would watch you play so intently, and I loved listening to you. It made me so happy that you found something that brought you such joy. I want to share something with you that you probably never knew. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable and open up, but here it goes.

When we were kids, I remember when you first told me about your Kokiri friend Saria from the forest. I never showed it back then because we were just friends, but I was so jealous of your friendship with her. You would talk about Saria and I would simply cringe inside Link, but outwardly I would wear a big smile because I knew that she was a nice person. The fact that you two spent so much time together in the forest bothered me, because I was royalty and she was not. In retrospect though, I am grateful for that experience, simply because it humbled me and helped me not take you for granted. Please promise me in your next letter that you two were just friends. I need to know that nothing happened. I don’t want to get my heart broken Link because I love you. I don’t want a piece of your heart, I want the entire heart container.

When I see you, I want to jump on your raft and take a ride down Zora’s river just you and I. I long to snuggle under you as you wrap your strong loving arms around me and we drift down the river under the stars. I miss our deep conversations about life, our dreams, and our goals after the conflict is over, and peace is restored to all of Hyrule. You have always been so patient with me and you listen to me, even when I am difficult to deal with. I can’t wait to look into your strong determined eyes which pierce my soul like the arrows in your quiver. I want you to gently caress my tender damp skin amidst the sweet smelling soft dew along the river bank after our raft ride. Yes link, I cannot wait for you to grab me, look into my eyes, and kiss me under the florescent moonlight. I know that it gets very difficult for you daily in battle, and when I get the opportunity I promise to help you heal every wound and make it all better sir.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time Link. I just want you to know that I miss you so much. I care about you and I love you baby. Just think Link, one day we will be the king and queen of this castle with our children running around getting into mischief. I hope and pray that if we are ever blessed with a son, that he will be half as brave as you are, with a green tunic and all! Take care of yourself my Hyrule Warrior. I attached this picture of myself just so you’ll remember exactly what you have to look forward to when you get home.;)


Until then, take care of yourself.


Zelda, Princess Of Hyrule

**Stay tuned for part 3, as this story takes an unexpected turn** Thanks for reading!


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