Final Release of 2022, Check Out 23 Savage

Listen to 23 Savage on spotify here

Hello everyone, it’s CP the Vintage Retroman, Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer! My goal with this song is to help you go into 2023 with encouragement to worship God with all you have! Although I wrote this song to be a fun track, the message is about the victory you have in Christ Jesus. Praise will confuse the opps to the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you.

Thank you for your support

As a Christian music artist, I want to thank you all for your support this year. 2022 was a year of new beginnings for me as a Christian rapper and artist. I revamped my website. I became active on Tiktok. I worked with a host of new producers, and released my first full length album. I am grateful that God blessed me to see another year and use music as a platform to reach people for Christ.

2023 will be another exciting year! get ready for 23 savage!

In 2023, my goal is to take creativity in my music to another level! I have several new projects in the works, including songs that will have J.Boss and Lil Juju on them. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable new year, and let’s get ready to bring energy for the Lord in 2023!

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