Remember back when…….

Remember your dream? Remember how before life got in the way, you once felt that the skies the limit? Before the weight of your job…before the responsible “adult life”. The truth is, everyone has regrets. No one has accomplished everything they set out to do. Still, does that mean that adulthood should take away your dreams? No! As a kid growing up in the 80’s in North Carolina, i was the youngest of 8 children. Humble beginnings, i grew up in “the hood”. My parents were pretty poor, but worked hard to provide. Our house was always filled with music and smells of soul food. My mom kept a garden, and i would help her keep it up to enjoy fresh vegetables. Probably the only garden in “the hood”. Interesting fact, i was a little black boy that grew up in the Mormon church, conservative with Christian values. As if that was not strange enough, i remember during the day listening to my dads old tapes of James Taylor and the Eagles, and at night sneaking away to my brothers rooms as they listened to NWA and Slick Rick. I had dreams of becoming a star in something. Music, maybe football? Police officer? Maybe…..Fireman, eh, not so much. But one things for sure, i knew i was different. Fast forward to 2017. After spending years in corporate America i felt success, but unfulfilled. My blog is one to open your mind and look at the world through the lens of V.RetroMan. A world of critical thinking, without being overly critical. A world of objectivity, along with understanding. A world dedicated to the realist, while at the same time not selling short the optimist. Welcome to my blog, my world where i encourage those whose dreams have become numb, to step out on faith and activate a new purpose. This is me, Chuck C. aka, V.RetroMan.

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