Make it last…..a flashback….

This video snippet is just a glimpse of what made the Hip-Hop and R&B genres of the 1990’s so good. A combination of great lyrics, a great sample from Keith’s Sweat’s original song “Make it last forever”, along with feeling and emotion made this a classic in my opinion. The way that Nas told a love story to Mariah, including the line “walking in bubble Northface’s” took me back! He capped it off with “signing off, truly yours, Nastradomous”. Pure genius! What a well written song! I hope that this quick snippet takes you back in your mind. This is the time when boys grew to be men and learned how to approach a lady. Before texting, before dating apps, and before hiding behind the social media scene. This song is so classic and pure, that even people that dont’ like rap music can vibe to this song. Enjoy!

This video doesn’t exist

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