Fun VR RetroQuiz 1- Michael Jackson Song Lyrics


  1. In the hit song Smooth Criminal, of whom is Michael asking “are you ok?”
  2. In Michael’s opinion, running as fast as you can and not being a macho man, also means to?
  3. According to Mr. Jackson, you wanna be starting a certain thing…..but what?
  4. From Michael’s Pretty Young Thing, according to his advice what does his PYT actually need?
  5. How long does Michael want to “Rock with you”? In addition, how long does he want to “Dance with his partner”?
  6. Just to confirm, Mr. Jackson stated that you shouldn’t stop until when?
  7. How did the woman Billie Jean try to trick Michael?
  8. According to the Jackson 5, what are the first two words used to describe the actual dancing machine?
  9. In the song “I wanna be where you are” by the Jackson 5, young Michael has a dilemma and ask several questions to get back to his love. What are the first 2 questions he asks?
  10. In the song Human Nature, Michael make a reference 1 time to a certain piece of fruit. What type of fruit is it and what action does he want to do to the fruit.

I hope you enjoyed my Michael Jackson quiz! Some answers have 2 parts and the answers are below in red. Please post how you did in the comments section, the world wants to know! More fun retro quiz’s to come! Signing off!

-V. Retroman

1)Annie 2)Beat it 3)Somethin’ 4)TLC (Tender Loving Care) 5) All night/Till the Sunlight (2 answers) 6)Till you get enough 7)Tried to make him believe the kid was his son when the kid was not. 8)Automatic, Systematic 9) First question: Could it be I stayed away too long? Second question: Did I leave your mind when I was gone? 10) Apple, Take a bite.

8 thoughts on “Fun VR RetroQuiz 1- Michael Jackson Song Lyrics

  1. I definitely have to brush up on my Michael, 7 out of 10, I let Bryan beat me… NOOOOOOOO… love it can’t wait for the next one

    Liked by 1 person

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