An Unlikely Sight on South Beach

I recently took a weekend trip to Miami, FL with my wife. We met up with extended family and really enjoyed ourselves. As we walked the bustling strip of South Beach enjoying the sights and sounds, I came across something that caught me off guard and made me laugh. There was a young man who appeared to be in his late teens or early 20’s, wearing a T-shirt from the classic 1980’s hit show Golden Girls. On the shirt was a classic printed photo of Sophia, Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy along with a large red #Miami logo. The show was about 4 women sharing a house in Miami in the 1980’s, and all of the shenanigans that came along with it.


The show was critically acclaimed, and the original episodes can still be found on Hulu. I did not get a chance to tell the guy how cool I thought his shirt was because it was so busy on the strip, but afterwards I did look online for the shirt in hopes of finding one for my wife. Like many people in generation X, my wife loves Golden Girls. I began to think, what is it about seeing the things we grew up with that’s so appealing in 2018? It seems that even Millennial’s and those in generation Z enjoy the music, movies, TV shows, and fashion styles of the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. If you don’t believe me, check out one of the most popular shows currently on Netflix, Stranger Things. It is a fantastic science action thriller show, set in the 1980’s about 6 crazy kids on a conquest to defeat these strange demogorgon creatures! What could be better than that?


Truth of the matter is, for many of us the characters from classic TV shows and movies were like family. Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls was like a funny big sister to millions of women. Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a father figure to millions of black men across America. Rapper J. Cole even referenced this in one of his songs entitled No Role Modelz, where he stated “First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil, for real, you’re the only father that I ever knew.” I have heard several people refer to pop iconic music artists like Michael Jackson, Elton John, or Stevie Wonder as family. It is my opinion that most of us are in love with the media and culture of the past decades.


Later on the drive back, my wife and I had a conversation and she shared a thought with me that I thought was very accurate. She said “It’s the feeling you get when you see or hear something from back in the day, that brings back a flood of memories and for a moment it’s like you’re right back there.” My wife went on to say “Just like this past weekend, when we hung out with our family and friends in Miami, it reminded me of when my cousins and I used to hang out as kids and the fun we had.” I thought about this, and it reminded me of a time when the world seemed slower. Technology was not nearly as advanced as today, yet people seemed to connect more. Families would still gather around the TV to watch shows like Golden Girls, Family Matters, The Cosby Show, or Full House. Those friday night trips to Blockbuster Video were a full out family event. My mission as Vintage Retroman, is to make sure those feelings never die. I know times change, I know styles change and I know culture changes. Still, the feelings of Nostalgia should never leave you when you see that retro item, watch that retro show or movie, or go to a retro place like an arcade. I am here not only to bring awareness to the culture I grew up in, but more importantly to never let it die. Never let life dictate how far you can make it.


3 thoughts on “An Unlikely Sight on South Beach

  1. The GG is my favorite classic TV show of ALL TIME! I am so pleased to see everyone enjoying it to this day the way they are. Truly great acting/writing on that show. It’s timeless. Yes, wasn’t it nice when TV shows were the focal point, before technology became so fast-paced!

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