Fun VR RetroQuiz 2- 1980’s song lyrics!


1) What were the first 2 things Rick Astley promised to never do in 1987?

2) Where was the location and time that Luther Vandross promised to love faithfully?

3) According to singer Cherrelle, although she mentions everyday of the week in the song, what specific day of the week does she reference that her love will not end?

4) Roger Troutman and the group Zapp used a certain item of technology to describe their love for a young lady. What was that specific item?

5) Singer Prince sung about which of the following types of precipitation: (2 part question)

  • A) Snow
  • B) Sleet
  • C) Rain
  • D) Hail

In addition, what color did he mention the precipitation was?

6) The music from this 1983 Isley Brothers classic has been used in several hip-hop songs, including Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” and Da Brat’s “Funkdafied”. Which song is it?

7) According to the group Maze, Joy and Pain can be compared to what?

8) According to British rock band Queen, another one bites the what?

9) True or False: According to the 80’s duo Air Supply, even the days are better.

10) According to iconic singer George Michael, what did he vow to never do again in the hit song “careless whisper”?

I hope you enjoyed the 2nd VR retro quiz! Answers below! More quizzes on the way!


1) Give you up, Let you down 2) Here and Now 3) Saturday 4) Computer 5) C: Rain, purple 6) Between the sheets 7) Sunshine and Rain 8) Dust 9) False: Even the nights are better 10) Dance

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