What was your favorite Megaman 2 boss? #80’s #Megaman

I was a huge Megaman fan growing up. The music, the gameplay, and the bosses were classic. It is one of the few games i loved the bosses, because you got to choose the order in which you completed the game. So which was your favorite Megaman boss?

8 thoughts on “What was your favorite Megaman 2 boss? #80’s #Megaman

  1. Oh my gosh, some of the best music in all of videogames. (If you haven’t seen it — and naughty words don’t bother you so much– check out Duane and Brand0’s Mega Man rap deal on YouTube. SO AWESOME.) And not to pile on, but I might have to go Bubble Man, too, or Metal Man. I remember being so proud of my kid sister when she beat Metal Man. I broke out into Air Man music out of nowhere in my car yesterday. Not sure what that was about..

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      1. Naturally after this post I ended up looking up Mega Man X guitar covers (again), a go-to of mine over the years. I’d love to be able to play like that, haha. But yes, lemme know what you think of D&B’s stuff after you give it a whirl.

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