What was your favorite Megaman 2 boss? #80’s #Megaman

I was a huge Megaman fan growing up. The music, the gameplay, and the bosses were classic. It is one of the few games i loved the bosses, because you got to choose the order in which you completed the game. So which was your favorite Megaman boss?

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Introducing Chuck Price aka V.RetroMan, the dynamic representer of the 80's babies, born in the south. Lover of everything from Nintendo classics and 80's soft rock, to college marching bands and hot political debates. Take a trip with V. RetroMan to the land of it all.

8 thoughts on “What was your favorite Megaman 2 boss? #80’s #Megaman

  1. Oh my gosh, some of the best music in all of videogames. (If you haven’t seen it — and naughty words don’t bother you so much– check out Duane and Brand0’s Mega Man rap deal on YouTube. SO AWESOME.) And not to pile on, but I might have to go Bubble Man, too, or Metal Man. I remember being so proud of my kid sister when she beat Metal Man. I broke out into Air Man music out of nowhere in my car yesterday. Not sure what that was about..

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      1. Naturally after this post I ended up looking up Mega Man X guitar covers (again), a go-to of mine over the years. I’d love to be able to play like that, haha. But yes, lemme know what you think of D&B’s stuff after you give it a whirl.

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