Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic

It’s Friday, or as some say, Fri-YAY! Yes my friends it is Friday the 13th, but that is not what this post is about. This is about enjoying the moment, regardless of your circumstances. Spring is in the air! The temperature here in North Carolina is 78 degree’s and it’s good times. Bird’s chirping, fish jumping just ready to be caught, and the sun decided to hang around for a little longer each day. Nothing springs up the feelings of Nostalgia like spring!


Remember back when most of us experienced Friday afternoon’s as a special time, especially in the spring? School was out, and my family typically either went out to various places if it was my father’s pay week, or we would eat great food gathered around the TV watching the TGIF lineup, headlined by the crazy Steve Urkel of the hit show Family Matters. After family TV time, my parents would allow us to have game nights on the NES! Oh how I loved playing everything from Super Mario Brothers to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out with my brothers in the back room!


Some Friday’s it was Blockbuster video store nights. Other Friday’s we would head out into the rural area of Walkertown, NC and experience the Bel-Air drive-in theater! Oh how my family loved the drive-in theater! The food there was the best! It was 10 of us total, and the whole car load could enter the movies for $10-$15! Don’t worry, they showed the latest movies as well! Many Friday’s were times to play with our neighborhood friends outside a little later, or even times to hang out with them at their place!


As I reflect back, I encourage you as my reader to focus on simple fun this weekend. Walk’s in the park, eating good food, spending time together, and having great conversations! Life is not always about the large grand scale trips out of town or expensive apparel. Sometimes we have to enjoy the moment’s that God blesses us with. Most importantly remember, that memory lane has not ended. It is getting paved as we ride along it! My advice, enjoy the ride! Signing off for now,


8 thoughts on “Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic

  1. Oh how I remember Friday’s growing up bruh! Pops would give us 20 bucks in all ones and we would call it a knot lol! I love reading your posts Chuck. You always have a good word or a positive lesson to learn. I can tell you grew up in the days of Sanford and Son, Andy Griffith, the Jeffersons, Facts of Life, Fantasy Island and wrestling lol! Whenever I need a inspiration or a positive thought, I come to VR! Appreciate you much bruh


    1. Yessir TeleFocal Tim! Thank you for the support! Yes those were Pop’s shows right there! I am happy to bring back the memories! The goal of Vintage Retroman is to make us all feel like a kid again! I really appreciate your love and support! 🙂


    1. Matt thank you for the comment! I live in High Point, but guess what? My mom was born and raised in Henderson NC! I still have family in Oxford and Creedmoor as well. Next time i am down that way, i may have to check it out! Thank you!😊

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