A Must See Twist To An 80’s Classic

Certain TV theme songs from the past had the ability to simply just make us feel good. Think back to when we were growing up. For some of us, I Love Lucy had a theme song that takes us back to a time where traditional family values were prime time, when the whole family gathered around the TV late at night. For others it may be the many different renditions of The Cosby Show theme, each with a slightly different groove from the original, but all ending with Bill Cosby’s face and that awkward smile at the end.

Then there was the theme of the hit show, Golden Girls. I never actually realized how much soul this theme song had until I came across this gospel style version by YouTuber Finally Aaron. His vocals are amazing and go perfectly with the actual song, especially around the 0:15 mark when he states “this is my part right here!” He really sings that part passionately and you can tell just how much he loves it when he takes his hair off! It is such a funny video that every time I watch it, i burst out laughing! All jokes aside though, Aaron has tremendous talent and I enjoy his content.

In conclusion, it just goes to show that even decades later many of us enjoy the culture of the past, especially television. From the theme of Mash to Family Matters. From the Knight Rider’s theme to the classic show Good Times, I believe it is safe to say that these songs bring back feelings of Nostalgia as soon as the music starts. I appreciate Finally Aaron entertaining us with such a funny and upbeat remix to a classic hit. Anytime someone uses their talent to put a smile on someone else’s face, I respect it. To all of my readers, “thank you for being a friend.” 🙂


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