Fun V. R. RetroQuiz 3- 1990’s Hip-Hop!

1) In Notorious BIG’s song Juicy, what 2 gaming systems were mentioned?

2) Fill in the blanks from the Fugees song Fu-gee-la: “Ohh La La La, _ _ _ _ _ _when we doing our thing.”

3) What is it that MC Hammer states “You cant touch”?

4) According to Ice Cube, what type of day was today?

5) In Mo Money, Mo Problems, Mase mentioned that only one thing had changed. What was that one thing?

6) In Mobb Deep’s Shook One’s, what is there no such thing as?

7) According to OutKast, where did all the playa’s come from?

8) In the Ruff Ryders anthem, what actions does DMX’s squad need to complete? (May be more than one answer)

A) Stop

B) Shut em’ down open up shop

C) Roll

D) Drop

E) All of the above

9) According to Juvenile, what were the original years that Cash Money Records were taking over for?

10) After they had to regulate, Warren G and Nate Dogg had a group of young ladies in the car with them. Where were they heading?

Thank you for taking the time out to complete my 3rd retroquiz! How did you score? Post your results in the comment section! Answers are below. Until the next time, enjoy life and never let it dictate how far you can make it!


Answers: 1) Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis 2) It’s the way that we rock when we doing our thing. 3) This 4) Good 5) His Limp 6) Half way crooks 7) Far and wide 8) A, B, and D only. 9) The 99 into 2000 10) Eastside Motel

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