A Vintage Retroman’s Plea From The “Green Hill Zone” Part 3, “The Recovery?”- (Finale of the 3 part series)

Yes my friends, you are about to find out the exciting conclusion of the 3 part series. Oh sure the Green Hill Zone is beautiful, but deadly! Part 1 in the series described how Vintage Retroman was captured and abandoned in the dangerous tropics of the Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog. Part 2 captured the setting of how Sonic was resting on vacation with Amy, away from his troubles. All of a sudden, he got a terrifying message and his vacation was cut short. Will Sonic make it in time? Will Vintage Retroman’s demise be in the Green Hill Zone? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of my plea from the Green Hill Zone! You don’t want to miss this one! Enjoy friends!

(Scene is Sonic and Amy going ultra fast down Speed Highway)


Come on Amy, drive faster why can’t you push this thing?/

No time to power up by jumping on computers or rings/

V.R.’s in trouble, we cant afford to waste any time/

If we don’t move forward he could permanently be left behind/

I know Green Hill, I know the traps and all of the snares/

How could I be off my game, relaxing without a care?/

(Amy chimes in) “Sonic, you’re being way to hard on yourself/

You never take any time off, you never tend to your health/”

“How do you expect, to work with no rest you don’t hear me?/

I have heard the expression Sonic, there is no rest for the weary”/

(Sonic responds) Amy, you keep me sane and I greatly appreciate/

Thank you for your support I just hope that we’re not too late…….


**Cut scene to Vintage Retroman**

(Coughing loudly while talking) Sonic………. I’m at the end I cannot go any longer/

I’ve been attacked by Moto Bugs and crabs that shoot fireballs/

I went around a loop and all I saw was a bee named Buzz Bomber/

He shot his stinger and I fell on the other side of the waterfall/


I tried grabbing those rings and it was ineffective/

I tried running fast like you, and I just ran out of breath/

I tried finding the secrets and avoiding the traps/

When I jumped over the spikes, I fell hard and collapsed/

Goodbye Sonic and Tails, farewell my good friends/

My eyes are closing right now and I can see the cruel end/

I look up at the blue sky and as I lay back my head/

but right before I close my eyes I catch a small glimpse of red?/


*V.R. passes out right outside of the 2nd loop in the Green Hill Zone*

*V.R. is being dragged and hears an unfamiliar voice*

“Come on, come on, I didn’t sign up for a workout today/

I knew Sonic was on vacation so figured it was time to play/

Searching for Chaos Emeralds in a rare visit to Green Hill/

I found something so unlikely that it gave me the chills/”


“Who is this man, I found in the water unconscious?/

With wounds all over, dehydrated, and his knees buckled/

Who is this guy that’s passed out and why is he unresponsive?/

Who saved his life? It is I, none other than the great Echidna, Knuckles!/”

*Sonic shows up and crosses the wooden bridge leading into the Green Hill Zone*


(Sonic responds) Knuckles, get your big hairy paws off Vintage Retroman!!/

(Knuckles responds) “Oh Sonic, that’s some type of way to treat your Vintage Retro friend!/

I hope you enjoyed your so called vacation, today I don’t want to fight/

I saved your friends life, so at least a thank you would be really nice!!/”

(Vintage Retroman responds) Sonic he’s right, Knuckes saved me so you can’t be upset/

Even the fastest thing alive I would never expect/

You to be perfect/

Sonic, you did the best that you could/

Swallow your pride because what Knuckles did for me was so good/

Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3001

Tails got the plane fixed, I heard Dr. Eggman was in custody/

I know you and Knuckles haven’t always seen completely eye to eye/

But even if you don’t trust the red echidna from Sonic 3/

He deserves your respect, because for me he did the ultimate deed/

(Sonic Responds) V.R. you’re right, I’m glad you’re safe and that your struggle is over/

Knuckles I’m sorry, and thank you for your service my brother/

You rescued Vintage Retroman, which proved you have no fear bro/

From here on out, me, you and Tails are known as the Sonic Heroes!/


**And that my friend’s, are how the Sonic Hero’s came into existence! Well, at least in another universe :)**


Well, I hope you all enjoyed the series! Please feel free to post comments in the comment section below! I will be starting a new series in a few weeks so stay tuned! Signing off for now!





2 thoughts on “A Vintage Retroman’s Plea From The “Green Hill Zone” Part 3, “The Recovery?”- (Finale of the 3 part series)

  1. 👏 Bravo! 👏 Excellent story and a strong 💪 finish! That was quite a twist adding knuckles to the mix. Totally unexpected and a welcome surprise. I loved how you included the actual names to the enemies in the green hill zone along with pictures too. Such a nostalgic trip with the one and only blue blur and the Vintageretroman. Thank you for the read and I can’t wait for the next.

    Liked by 1 person

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