Samus- Destined For Greatness- Part 1 (The Kidnapping)

It is amazing how growing up, some stories have a lasting impact on your life. They are stories of courage, perseverance, overcoming nearly impossible odds. Stories of how unlikely people can grow to become something great! Since I was a kid, one of my favorite stories was actually the story of Samus Aran from the hit Nintendo (NES) game and series, Metriod! Samus was the original “Gamer Girl”. In 1986, she became the first major female protagonist in video game history! Her story and her legacy still continues today and she has become a well respected character in not just video game history, but all art forms. Because of this, I have decided to capture her story from a different perspective for my readers. Below is part one of my new series entitled “Samus- Destined For Greatness”. Enjoy!!!

(Scene is an exploding planet and destruction everywhere)

A concentrated gamma ray strikes a planet, increasing the core pressure literally tore it open.

(Samus hears a whispering voice) Samus wake up, Samus wake up! We are under attack!/

Pirates are raiding K-2L, and the planet is ramshackled/

I’m from the Chozo species, and you have been chosen/

We must leave at great pace, before this planet’s explosion/

I know you’re young, you will not understand what is going on/

Don’t cry baby girl, I know you probably feel so alone/

You have no idea that you are destined for such greatness/

As we approach the planet Zebes you will find what await us/


Experimentation, and infusion of our DNA/

As you grow and become stronger you will learn the right way/

We know it’s tough being an orphan and we can’t speak on your parent’s/

We understand that this planet, compared to your last, there is a large variance/

Samus, look at me and dry those tears from your eyes/

My name is Old Bird, a Chozo elder and your ally/

I promise, we’ll get to the bottom of these diabolical acts/

As we record these events in a series of triological facts/

** And so the Samus child grew, the only survivor from K-2L/

She was only 3 years old at the time of the evil Ridley’s prevail/

He and his pirates are responsible for her parent’s demise/

Little did they know from their actions, a future warrior would arise/**


**Part 2 coming soon, stay tuned in**


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