Samus- Destined For Greatness- Part 2 (The Special Assignment)

Federation Police HQ

(Federation Police roll call) Samus Aran! Samus Aran! Are you here? Do you copy?

(Samus hesitates, thinking to herself) “Uggh, I am so sick and tired of these meetings.” She then whispers to her squadmates Kreatz and Mauk, “Don’t you guys ever get tired of these long drawn out meetings by chief?” They respond with with a low yet resounding “yes”.

(Samus speaks to Federation Police Chief Hardy aggressively) Present! I am here Chief! Present! Present! Present!

(Police Chief Hardy) Ok, perfect. The roll call is done, everyone is present! Now to get down to business. Today ladies and gentlemen, we embark on a journey that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest undertakings that the Federation Police has ever spearheaded. This assignment is one that will no doubt take courage, and test your will as a department. As you look on our intergalactic map, you see here that the human occupied planet Jigrad has recently been under attack by those same evil Space Pirates that attacked K-2l in the past.

(Chief Hardy continues) Our leadership suspects that Ridley is behind all of this. They have enslaved the inhabitants of that planet, making this a very dangerous situation. Because of the advanced skill and abilities of those space pirates, I have decided to forgo a full frontal assault initially. Strategically, our leadership weighed the risk of that and determined that casualties would be at an all time high. As a result of this revelation after much consideration, we have decided to send in our elite “Star-Tracker” division first, lead by Samus Aran.

(Samus) Uggh, chief………….permission to speak?

(Police Chief Hardy) Sure Samus, what’s up?

(Samus) Um, you do realize that it is only myself, Kreatz, and Mauk in that division here don’t you?

(Police Chief Hardy) Hahahahaha, of course I do Samus! That’s why we promoted you. Look at it from this perspective, who is more qualified than Ms. Aran to take out Ridley? We have upgraded your new power suit, you will have a full arsenal of weapons, and everything you need to handle this special stealth mission. Think about it Samus, think about the glory! Think about you going down in history as the woman to save this planet! Think of all those people you will free. Think about your name in lights! Samus! Samus! Samus!

(Samus responds) Chief, you always have been a master salesman. Uggh, do I really have a choice in the matter anyway?

(Police Chief Hardy smiles) Nope, that’s why they pay you the big bucks! 🙂

(Samus) Uggh, ok. Come on Kreatz and Mauk. We are heading out……….

**Samus’s ship flies discretely onto planet Jigrad, and while searching through the jungles of destruction they stumble upon a slave child.**

(Samus whispering) Shhhh, do you guys hear that? It sounds like a young girl whimpering.

(Kreatz and Mauk respond) Samus stay on mission, we have no time to rescue a kid. Remember chief’s orders! This is a suicide mission anyway, don’t add even more risk to it Samus! We have to complete our orders before the rest of the Federation Police can invade! Now come on!

(Samus) Look guys, I was a young girl like her once when the Chozo’s rescued me! These pirates will kill her! Come on, where is your heart guys?

(Kreatz and Mauk respond) Samus, if you rescue her, you are on your own. We have orders from chief, and are not getting court-martialed because you are getting a little “soft around the edges” for some kid!

(Samus) Fine! I’ll handle it on my own! I am not going to let an innocent little girl die because of fear! After all, I was once that little girl!

**Samus runs off alone**

(Kreatz and Mauk look off as she goes alone) Why is she so stubborn all of the time? She brings these bad things upon herself!

(Samus approaches the little girl and whispers) Hey there, what’s your name?

**The little girl answers**


(Samus) Okay Damara, we are going to get you out of here. Come on….

**Samus hears a siren as she runs with the girl and a loud voice over an intercom**

Intruder!! You’re surrounded!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!!

To be continued……

(Part 3 coming soon, stay tuned!)


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