New Blog: The Reason Why? The Story Behind My New Christian Rap Album “The Genesis EP”, My Debut Project Released in November 2022

Vintage Retroman’s New Christian Rap Album Blazes A Novel Trail On “The Genesis”

In January 2022, I made a commitment to release my first full-length album this year but I wasn’t sure what the album content would be about. The reason why is that I typically try to focus specifically on gospel principles in my music as a Christian Artist. I have always made it a goal to never water down the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ in my music.

Christian Hip-Hop music has changed so much over the years, and many new Christian rap songs focus on relating to the issues that you deal with every day. The gospel message does not change, but the methods that matter to you just might. It is because of these reasons that I chose the subject matter I did for “The Genesis EP”. This breakdown gives the reason why behind each track on my new Christian album.

6 Tracks Set The Tone on My New Christian Rap Album, “The Genesis”

There are 6 tracks on the album that touches on several subjects to uplift God and encourage you as my listener. 5 are actual songs, with an outro at the end. The songs in order are listed below, along with a description of the meaning behind each song.

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Endurance– I made this Christian song for you because you are stronger than you believe as a Christian. This song is all about not giving up, trusting God, and enduring trials and difficulties in a confident way.

Go That Way– I made this song to encourage you when dealing with difficult people. When people hate on your efforts to do well in life, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter.

Losin’ It- This song is all about anger management. We have all had moments when we feel like we’re losing our cool, but one of the Fruits of the Spirit in the Bible is self-control. This song is about keeping your cool in every situation.

Gettin’ It– I made this song to address the main issues affecting us in culture, from politics and violence to social media and racism. It is a song that promotes unity in the culture from a Christian perspective, while at the same time not ignoring real problems in the culture today.

Voodoo- Based on Ephesians 6 in the Bible, this song addresses spiritual warfare. There are many demonic forces at play in today’s media, and this track calls them out and how we can defeat evil through the blood of Jesus.

My New Christian Album Was Inspired With You In Mind

When you stop and look at culture today, you see so many problems in the world. We are more divided now than ever. People are hurting, inflation is real, and so many people are putting faith in politicians that do not have any power. It takes courage and endurance to be a Christian in this world. When I started the journey for my album back in January, I had you in mind.

I prayed about this album and asked God to help me to touch people and relate to their everyday struggles. I know how it feels to struggle to raise your kids right. My wife and I have 4 children and have the same struggle. I understand anxiety, as I also deal with a general anxiety disorder along with controlling high blood pressure.

I can relate to the falsehoods of our political system, and the various agenda’s that the powers that be put out there. I see the culture shifting to one of secular humanism and relativism. It breaks my heart to see children hurting, homes shattered, drug additions, and other issues. This is why I made this new Christian rap album because I had you in mind.

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoy the new Christian album

Truthfully, I put a lot of time, effort, and energy into making this album for you. I have never been motivated by how many records I sell, but by how many people I touch for God. This album ultimately was created to uplift and magnify God in a different way, while simultaneously encouraging others. The album is on all streaming platforms. Enjoy and please share it with everyone that you know. Thank you,

-Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer

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