Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove

This is my 2nd review installment on Smooth Mcgroove and i must say, musically he really exceeded my expectations on this rendition. The vocal parts from bass to soprano are beautifully done throughout the song. The arrangement is darn near perfection, in my opinion.

What really sets this one apart in my opinion though is his drum sounds. The breaks are incredible! I still don’t know how exactly Smooth is able to do that with his mouth! The timing is perfection in the percussion, and his vocal range to hit those high notes over the drum rifts is quite impressive. If you are a rock fan, a video game fan, or just enjoy good music please check out this one by Smooth Mcgroove. Love, peace, and happiness to all.


4 thoughts on “Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove”

  1. I’d love to know this guy’s process for learning the parts. It looks that he either has sheet music or (more likely) separated recordings of the different parts that he could learn. Either way, he’s got the ear for this.

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  2. I can only sing one section in the shower. Maybe with tongue clicking I can get some percussion in there as well, but yeah, this dude’s got it together. What a life, haha!


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