Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment

Where did these green clothes come from, how did I get here?/

Why do I look around and there’s nothing but an open field here?/

I observe and see the boulders and a couple of trees/

In dusty Hyrule field, no weapon, magic, or rupees/


My name is Link, I just got word that Zelda is missing/

The King of Hyrule’s going crazy, the castle’s in a frenzy/

They say that Gannon, the evil villain riding his black high horse/

Is on an vile mission trying to collect the other Triforce!/


That will not happen under my watch, I may be young but I’m brave!/

I look across the field, not sure if I should enter that dark cave/

I enter slowly and the wise man speaks with a cautious tone/

Lays out the wood sword and says “Take this, It’s dangerous to go alone!”


One thought on “Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment

  1. So many hours pouted into this one here, just exploring and what not, gamers of today with there let’s plays lol, we had to figure it out on our own lol


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