Poem- Bittersweet Memories

It’s alright to think of past times and cherish the memories/

The pure love we share with others creates unique synergies/

As days goes on and hearts heal and yet and still it takes time/

People don’t understand thoughts many times, are bittersweet like vintage wine/

It’s quite alright to feel the pain of loss sometimes you have to/

You are only human in the flesh it’s only fair to be true/

To yourself, remember vulnerability builds agility/

And perseverance from past pain will create a new beauty/

But for now, until that happens don’t let anyone convince you/

That your feelings need to change, they haven’t walked in your shoes/

Whether it’s an old song from the 70’s or a trip to see family/

Or a flashback that traps your mind and your thoughts feel clammy/

Remember, you are not alone and there is hope for your future/

It may be hard to see because the evidence hasn’t manifested/

And when the pain has you feel as if you’re stuck in a stupor/

Remember the same One who allows testing, gives blessings and allows rest.

Published by VintageRetroMan

Introducing Chuck Price aka V.RetroMan, the dynamic representer of the 80's babies, born in the south. Lover of everything from Nintendo classics and 80's soft rock, to college marching bands and hot political debates. Take a trip with V. RetroMan to the land of it all.

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