One funky groove- “Cuphead Remix- Clip Joint Calamity -The Living Tombstone”

Don’t go dealing with the devil. My 8 year old son says it all of the time. I don’t blame him. When he first told me about Cuphead and his brother Mugman, i was so skeptical. Apparently the two signed a contract with the devil and are trying to get their souls back as the plot. Being primarily a retrogamer myself, I do not follow many of the newer games. Then i heard the song “Clip Joint Calamity remix” and saw the animation of the video and i was hooked! This is a funky song! It has a great combination of horns, keyboards, and percussion with a 1950’s big band vibe to it! After seeing the actual Cuphead gameplay for the PC and Xbox one, i was truly impressed. The old Walt Disney style characters are impressive, and the gameplay is superb! Take that along with a great soundtrack, and that is a recipe for success for years and sequels to come. Enjoy


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