Poem- MegaMan’s Blast from the Past!


It’s year 20xx and the world’s in a cluster/

Dr. Light just put the finishing touches on my MegaBuster/

As I look around, destruction robot parts in the streets/

It’s me and my dog Rush against the world and I hold the key/

To save humanity, from robot masters created for terrorism/

Even my own brother “Protoman” hypnotized by a whistle/

Cutman, is so sharp look at his boomerang scissors/

Gutsman, will crush you with boulders and make mountain tremble/

Heatman sizzles, Flashman can freeze all time and space/

Crashman fires sticky bombs that can explode in your face/

Sparkman is so treacherous with his weapon electrified/

Only Chargeman’s style is more dangerous from Megaman 5/

Who is behind this, who created this diabolical scheme?/

I should have know it was that evil Dr. Wily on the scene/

Dr. Light my creator has truly done his best/

To upgrade my the weapons, my thinking, and the armor on my chest/

The Blue Bomber, I will defeat each master and take their weapon/

And use it against another weak spot on one of Dr. Wily’s henchmen/

And not to mention, this edition of Capcom’s classic brand/

I, the blue bomber, decided to team up with the Vintage Retroman!


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