A VR review: “Relaxing Super Mario Jazz”

Picture yourself in a Nintendo themed jazz club with a martini in hand (or a lemonade if you are under the legal drinking age.) Now imagine a group of musicians, dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach along with a host of others. As one plays the keys, another grooves on the percussion. The smooth sounds of horns and other instruments coordinate with the sounds of your favorite Mario music. This my friends, is Super Mario jazz. When combining the elements of classic gaming music along with relaxing jazz, it is impossible to go wrong. In search of some mellow jazz music to help me relax, I stumbled upon this amazing creation of Mario medley’s and had to share. When you sit back and remember the nostalgia of the original songs, remember it is okay to allow yourself to take a break this day and enjoy! Sincerely,


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