New Song 2021- Hit Em’ With The Brass!

Just released! Y’all check out “Hit Em Wit Da Brass!” *New Song 01/11/2021! Be encouraged- Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer! 😎

Last song of 2020, The Christmas Slide ft. My 11 Year Old Son Jordyn!

Vibe to ”The Christmas Slide!” written by my 11 year old son Jordyn aka J. Boss! Check out this groove! Merry Christmas everyone! 🎶😎

New Song ”How I Feel About U”

Ayeeeee! Just dropped! New song y’all! If you like old school you’ll like this one. For His glory- Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer! 😎🙏🏾🙌🏾

Memoir Of A Mourner

Real hip-hop tells a story. Check out my newest Christian Hip-Hop track on YouTube. It is truly poetry in video format. I really put a lot into this one to encourage someone. Thanks for your support- Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer 🤟🏾🎶

God’s Island Ft. Lil Juju my 9 year old daughter! 😊 My daughter Je’we’ll and I would like to welcome you all to God’s Island! My daughter named this song, helped me write the verses, made the hook, and sang it with me all for the glory of God and to uplift people! Check it out my Vintage RetromanYouTube channel! #Godsisland #daughter #greensboro #christianhiphop #encouragementContinue reading “God’s Island Ft. Lil Juju my 9 year old daughter! 😊”

Some Real Talk! (New Song 2020) ft. Z. Bank

Hey it’s ya boy C.P. tha Vintage Retroman, YOUR Neighborhood HOPE Dealer! I finally got to collab with my oldest daughter Zaria aka Z.Bank on our new song! Check out “Some Real Talk!”

New Song 2020- There Aint An Army That Can Strike Back! Check out my latest positive and encouraging song!

Invincible Part 2, The Remix! (Released 10/08/2020) Time to ”Touch The Sky” yet again with the remix! Music credit to Jackson Beatz! Be encouraged from your neighborhood hope dealer!

We’ve Come A Long Way

Check out my new encouraging song, ”We’ve Come A Long Way”. If you are a fan of that old school southern hip-hop, this one is for you. 🙏🏾

New Song 2020! P-3-1!

Calling all God-fearing women! Join me on YouTube as we celebrate and uplift all our sisters out there on P-3-1! Remember you are of great value and worth sisters! This one is for you! Music credit to JTBS, original son written and performed by YOUR neighborhood hope dealer!