“I Do This For The Culture!” New Song Released 02/20/2021

Check out my newest song “I Do This For The Culture! (New Song Released by Vintage Retroman on 02/20/2021), produced by JTBS productions” on YouTube



My VR personal creation- 1990’s Hip-Hop Golden Age collage.

I love 1990’s Hip-Hop! This was the time when you had to have true skills and talent to be a rapper. Because of this, I decided to make a collage out of album covers of some of my favorite artists, such as Nas, DMX, OutKast, and of course 2pac! I consider the 1990’s to be the golden age of rap, simply because so much of it was quality back then. Whether you are a rap fan or not, I hope you can appreciate this piece of art. I put some time in on it! Thank you all for your love and support!