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Whatsoever Things *New Song 2021 (Tribute To Bill Withers)

Growing up Ioved listening to Bill Withers. Amazing voice and lyrics on songs like “Lovely Day”. Be encouraged with my new song and sample for 2021!



Last song of 2020, The Christmas Slide ft. My 11 Year Old Son Jordyn!

Vibe to ”The Christmas Slide!” written by my 11 year old son Jordyn aka J. Boss! Check out this groove! Merry Christmas everyone! 🎶😎


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God’s Island Ft. Lil Juju my 9 year old daughter! 😊


My daughter Je’we’ll and I would like to welcome you all to God’s Island! My daughter named this song, helped me write the verses, made the hook, and sang it with me all for the glory of God and to uplift people! Check it out my Vintage RetromanYouTube channel! #Godsisland #daughter #greensboro #christianhiphop #encouragement #Jesus #music #2020 #newrelease #christianhiphop


New Song 2020- There Aint An Army That Can Strike Back!


Check out my latest positive and encouraging song!


Invincible Part 2, The Remix! (Released 10/08/2020)


Time to ”Touch The Sky” yet again with the remix! Music credit to Jackson Beatz! Be encouraged from your neighborhood hope dealer!

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We’ve Come A Long Way

Check out my new encouraging song, ”We’ve Come A Long Way”. If you are a fan of that old school southern hip-hop, this one is for you. 🙏🏾



Get Ya Power Up- New Original Song!


Be encouraged with my new original song ”Get Ya Power Up!” Let’s Go! -Your neighborhood hope dealer!

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Pace Yourself When Running The Race

Sonic The Hedgehog

As I sat playing Sonic The Hedgehog late last night, my oldest daughter who is now 16 actually took a moment to watch. A break from being the cool teenager, the varsity cheerleader, and the bookworm. I’m delighted to see her spending time with me! As parents with teenagers know, those moments are few and far between!

As she looked on, she let me know “Dad, I don’t like Sonic.” “Whaaaaat! How could you not like Sonic?” I said. He’s the fastest thing alive? She said (in her usual sophisticated teenage voice), “The game is messy, too much going on. Between his speed, moving patterns in the background, too many enemies, I can’t keep up.” Then she went back upstairs to her normal teenage routine.

As I continued to play one of my favorite childhood games, I started thinking about my life as Vintage Retroman. Could there possibly be a lesson in what she said? I believe there is. When we are going so fast in life that everything becomes a blur, life can become messy. Remember that you can’t be everything to everyone all of the time.

When running your race, focus on the goal and pace yourself. Remember that you should never run the race of others. Eliminate the background noise of busyness and focus on what is truly important. Remember that it is possible to be the jack of all trades, yet the master of none. One of my favorite characteristics about Sonic The Hedgehog is that as fast as he is, he paces himself to conquer each zone, one at a time. He never leaves his friends behind (well, occasionally tails but who’s counting😊) and he always keeps his eyes on the prize, which are those Chaos Emeralds.

I have been guilty of running the race of others. At times I still struggle with trying to do everything. When I think back to Christmas of 1991, my first time playing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, pure nostalgia sets in. Back then, life was much slower. As an 8 year old kid, the only race I ran was with my friends outside in the neighborhood before the street lights came on. Times have changed, but principles don’t.

I encourage you all to run your race and pace yourself. Try not to get so caught up in the pressure that you can’t focus on your goals. Give yourself grace from time to time as you push to do your best. Remember that life is a vapor, it goes so quick. Lastly, take time to invest in yourself and your health, so you can be your best for everyone else. Signing off for now, V.R.

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Withholding Heart, Spiritual Song By Vintage Retroman

Withholding heart, is the way that i fail You daily/

Withholding heart, even though i truly need You/

Withholding heart, i struggle in my imperfections/

Withholding heart, sometimes i do what i shouldn’t do/

(Bridge 1)- So take my heart, and completely make me over/

So take my heart (take my heart)…and make me brand new/

So take my heart, because i don’t have any power/

And take my heart, oh Lord I’m desperate just for You/

Verse 2- Withholding heart, please forgive my imperfections/

Withholding heart, sin has left a crimson stain/

Withholding heart, a sinners plea for grace and mercy/

Withholding heart, yes i messed up once again/

(Bridge 2)- So take my heart, it’s not about me trying harder/

Please take my heart, please dissect it for repair/

Please take my heart, and dip it in your living water/

Yes I’m so glad, that despite me You are still there!/

(Worship chorus 4x) So this heart of mine! It’s Yours, it’s Yours!

Lord, please, just take my withholding heart!



Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is….

A retro reset, a rebranding of sorts. I truly believe that mentally, i am stuck somewhere between the early 80’s and late 90’s! I have now been blogging for about 9 months and i am loving it! Despite struggles and hardships in my personal life, i view my blogging as a source of intellectual refuge. I love touching people through originality! From “Pac-Man Poetry” to fiction short stories. From professional reviews to “Memory Lane Moments”, i love presenting people the option to escape the reality of the stresses in adulthood. My whole goal is simply to make you feel like a kid again!

In the spirit of creativity, originality, and content delivery i have decided to completely redesign my site! This is for you, my reader! I hope you find it more user-friendly, with content that is meaningful. Use the search bar to shop for retro items and apparel, all discounted! I hope you all continue to pursue your passions purpose on your individual pages! Remember my slogan: Never let life dictate how far you can make it! I hope you all will be blessed beyond measure! More content is on the way so stay tuned!😀👍