Fun V. R. RetroQuiz 3- 1990’s Hip-Hop!

1) In Notorious BIG’s song Juicy, what 2 gaming systems were mentioned? 2) Fill in the blanks from the Fugees song Fu-gee-la: “Ohh La La La, _ _ _ _ _ _when we doing our thing.” 3) What is it that MC Hammer states “You cant touch”? 4) According to Ice Cube, what type ofContinue reading “Fun V. R. RetroQuiz 3- 1990’s Hip-Hop!”

Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic

It’s Friday, or as some say, Fri-YAY! Yes my friends it is Friday the 13th, but that is not what this post is about. This is about enjoying the moment, regardless of your circumstances. Spring is in the air! The temperature here in North Carolina is 78 degree’s and it’s good times. Bird’s chirping, fishContinue reading “Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic”

“What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.

One word, simplicity. The simple things like strolls in the park, a simple conversation, or just simply being in the presence of the one you love. Growing up in the 80’s, i saw my parents mimic this simple concept. A quick dance, a simple kiss, or a long hug can do wonders to cover theContinue reading ““What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.”

Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman

I truly want to make each of my followers feel like a kid again! That is my overall goal. The nostalgic value of vintage and retro cultures makes people feel good! I do not blog for money or prestige. I write and post content for the people to enjoy, whether it’s one person or 10,000Continue reading “Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman”

A VR review: “Relaxing Super Mario Jazz”

Picture yourself in a Nintendo themed jazz club with a martini in hand (or a lemonade if you are under the legal drinking age.) Now imagine a group of musicians, dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach along with a host of others. As one plays the keys, another grooves on the percussion.Continue reading “A VR review: “Relaxing Super Mario Jazz””

Poem- MegaMan’s Blast from the Past!

It’s year 20xx and the world’s in a cluster/ Dr. Light just put the finishing touches on my MegaBuster/ As I look around, destruction robot parts in the streets/ It’s me and my dog Rush against the world and I hold the key/ To save humanity, from robot masters created for terrorism/ Even my ownContinue reading “Poem- MegaMan’s Blast from the Past!”

A VR music review “Billie Jean/Poison” medley by Straight No Chaser

That girl named Billie Jean is truly poison. By now in 2018, most of us know that according to legendary pop singer Michael Jackson, that regardless of what Billie Jean said, indeed the kid was not his son. Despite this knowledge, it still doesn’t prevent us from listening to this classic first released in 1982Continue reading “A VR music review “Billie Jean/Poison” medley by Straight No Chaser”

“Game over”, or is it? How to convert something “tragic” into something “fire”- by VintageRetroman

I remember back on the Holiday Season of 1991. The scene was Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem NC. As i reflect back on some of my favorite memories with my dad, this particular recollection stands out to me. There were two kiosks setup outside of KB toys, a very popular toy store back in the 80’sContinue reading ““Game over”, or is it? How to convert something “tragic” into something “fire”- by VintageRetroman”

Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove

This is my 2nd review installment on Smooth Mcgroove and i must say, musically he really exceeded my expectations on this rendition. The vocal parts from bass to soprano are beautifully done throughout the song. The arrangement is darn near perfection, in my opinion. What really sets this one apart in my opinion though isContinue reading “Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove”