Beyond The Horizon- The Beauty Of The “Staycation”

Beyond the horizon, in my mind I am headed to Horizons park. The name has echoed through my head enough the past 72 hours. Beyond the horizon I can see it. One of my favorite places to visit growing up. My family of 10 would fill up dad’s old white station wagon and leave ourContinue reading “Beyond The Horizon- The Beauty Of The “Staycation””

Memory Lane Moments Part 3- A Different Take On Time Travel

What if I told you that there actually is a such thing as a time machine? Would you my reader believe me, or would you think I am going crazy? Would you want to know more, or just write off what I am saying because it seems far fetched? My friends, I submit to youContinue reading “Memory Lane Moments Part 3- A Different Take On Time Travel”

Mayday Mayday! It’s going down!

May 1st, 1983 a king was born. As I look back reflecting on the events of my life the past 35 years on my birthday, I cannot help but feel grateful for the people and experiences I have encountered for my own personal growth. Many of you know that my dad passed away in MarchContinue reading “Mayday Mayday! It’s going down!”

Nerdy & Squirdy- The Retro Relationship Gone Right! An Official V.R. Review

One is Nerdy, the other is Squirdy. Their name itself made me want to inquire more. The dynamic duo of delightful gaming, The power couple of retro fun, Yet when you look deeply into their content they are so much more than just casual gamers on YouTube. They have something special to aspire to. ThatContinue reading “Nerdy & Squirdy- The Retro Relationship Gone Right! An Official V.R. Review”

Memory Lane Moments Part 2- The Chapters That Were Never Written

Incomplete, inconclusive, fragmented, all words applicable to the past of certain situations in all of our lives. We have all heard the cliche statement time and time again, “Life goes on.” This is true, but sometimes in everyone’s life a certain person, event, or thought may trigger a response of a wide range of emotions.Continue reading “Memory Lane Moments Part 2- The Chapters That Were Never Written”

Why Should You Dare To Be Different? An official VR review.

From the moment the VHS tape was inserted into the VCR, I knew it was something special. Then I saw the old school vintage style television with the turn knobs and got excited! The young version of Christian rapper Andy Mineo wearing the 1980’s style Adidas red jacket, priceless. Finally, watching a young Lecrae, playingContinue reading “Why Should You Dare To Be Different? An official VR review.”

A Must See Twist To An 80’s Classic

Certain TV theme songs from the past had the ability to simply just make us feel good. Think back to when we were growing up. For some of us, I Love Lucy had a theme song that takes us back to a time where traditional family values were prime time, when the whole family gatheredContinue reading “A Must See Twist To An 80’s Classic”

Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic

It’s Friday, or as some say, Fri-YAY! Yes my friends it is Friday the 13th, but that is not what this post is about. This is about enjoying the moment, regardless of your circumstances. Spring is in the air! The temperature here in North Carolina is 78 degree’s and it’s good times. Bird’s chirping, fishContinue reading “Memory Lane Moments Part 1- Friday’s Magic”

“What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.

One word, simplicity. The simple things like strolls in the park, a simple conversation, or just simply being in the presence of the one you love. Growing up in the 80’s, i saw my parents mimic this simple concept. A quick dance, a simple kiss, or a long hug can do wonders to cover theContinue reading ““What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.”

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I truly want to make each of my followers feel like a kid again! That is my overall goal. The nostalgic value of vintage and retro cultures makes people feel good! I do not blog for money or prestige. I write and post content for the people to enjoy, whether it’s one person or 10,000Continue reading “Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman”