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Check out “Be Mindful” and “I Know” on all major streaming platforms soon. Thank you for your support! -Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer

“I Know” ft. Lil Juju Pre-Save- I Know (feat. Lil Juju) by Vintage Retroman – DistroKid

“Be Mindful” Pre-Save- Be Mindful by Vintage Retroman – DistroKid

I Celebrated my 4 Year Blogging Anniversary on 01/15/2021! Happy 4 Year Blog-A-Versary To Me!

Vintage Retroman in January, 2021

Greetings friends and fellow bloggers, it’s me C.P. The Vintage Retroman, YOUR Neighborhood HOPE Dealer! It’s so hard to believe that it has been 4 whole years since I started my blog, http://www.vintageretroman.com on 01/15/2017! I started this mission with a vision: To bring the cultures of the past to the present, to spread hope and encouragement, and to educate and entertain through writings, poetry and songs. I am happy to report that despite the challenges of life, God has sustained me to still be here in 2021!

Recently, I have been thinking alot about the future. My children are now 17, 14, 11, and 9 years old, so much of my time has been invested in making sure they have everything that they need. With the current turmoil going on in the United States, I am hoping for a better future for my children. With that being said, this past year with COVID-19 we have connected on a level that we have never been on.

My family, New Year’s Day 2021

During the time I was working from home, I introduced them to a lot of classic music from the 70’s and 80’s, and I started making my own music and using samples from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. All of my music is on my YouTube channel, free of charge! (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCllZ2c5bmKo_qwoHbzLguJQ) I believe that my kids have gained a greater appreciation for the cultures of the past. I know I have. Sometimes it is an escape from what we have to deal with.

My wife blessed me with a Nintendo Switch for Christmas 2020. It’s funny, because I have found myself playing more of the older NES and SNES games in comparison to the newer games. It’s something about the way they make me feel. They take me back to a simpler time in life. A time before hardship, before responsibility. A time when I didn’t have to be a serious teacher of youth called my children. A time when my biggest fear was if I would get picked on by girls for my haircut, or my parents buying the wrong video game because it was cheaper in price!

One big change this past year was the birth of my nickname, “YOUR Neighborhood Hope Dealer!” I got this name from the Friday night Christian Hip-Hop parties I was hosting on Facebook live from April 2020- August 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer. I started thinking, “People need hope like fiends need dope”, so I ran with it! It has really caught on well! My audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube love it! I love music of all types, so I am glad that God blessed me with a gift to help people with it!

I will end this blog post with some original lyrics from one of my songs, entitled “Some Real Talk” ft. my oldest daughter Zaria, aka Z Bank. 🙂

“Cause’ Hindsight’s 2020/ I’ve got the Spirit of God that’s flowing right through me/ I know my worth when the enemy is lurking/ I push up, hands in the air, so they call me burpee!/ and surely, by now yes you know what I’m all about/ Your Neighborhood Hope dealer coming out the south/ A hybrid of hip-hop, the old with the novel/ A fusion of the past and present, call me time travel!”

If you would like to listen to “Some Real Talk!” ft Z. Bank, here is the link: https://youtu.be/QrcKJeoMLRA God bless you all in 2021! 🙂

Original Christian Hip-Hop by me and my daughter, 2020

Check Out My Original Song- TNT-ISH For Encouragement Today!

DJ CP Tha Vintage Retroman, Your Neighborhood Hope Dealer!

Introducing DJ CP Tha Vintage Retroman, your neighboorhood hope dealer! This is my alias as I serve the people almost every Friday night on Facebook live! TNT-ISH is my latest original written song, with the music sampled as a parody from popular rapper J.Cole’s “Neighbors Think I’m Selling Dope”. I am not a rapper. I am an encouraging DJ who occasionally raps for fun and to help people. I hope that during this time of social distancing, quarantine, and staying at home that you find hope and a good laugh in my video.

Signing off for now,


2020- The Year Of Enhanced Diversification

Greetings, from Vintage Retroman! It’s August of this crazy year we call 2020 and I apologize I have not been as active on my blog as I should be regarding written content. I have had the exciting opportunity to use Vintage Retroman as a platform to encourage hundreds of people on social media during this time of COVID-19. On Facebook Live I have been hosting Christian Hip-Hop couch parties almost weekly on Friday nights. I have also been vlogging and creating content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Earlier this year, I saw a need and redirected some of my creativity into starting a Christian Rap ministry. It gives me an opportunity to promote a genre of music that I love dearly, and encourage people at the same time. I still continue to make video game posts on Instagram and I started a new YouTube channel. I have been writing gospel songs, love songs, poetry, and Christian rap songs the past 6 months. I have also started making custom hats and using all of my creative skills. On a personal note, I have lost 65 lbs and feel much better since my “Wake Up Call” blog back in 2018. I encourage all of my readers to invest in your physical and mental health. It is so important!

This blog post is called the year of advanced diversification, because I believe that now more than ever, individuals and companies are embracing change to help others. To diversify your skill set and step out on faith is always essential. I encourage you all to use your God given talents and abilities to bless others. If you go to my Facebook page and see how much my ministry has evolved since March, it is amazing. I am constantly trying to expand my mind and skills, because I believe that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Over the next few months, you may see a stream of video’s from my YouTube channel on my blog. I hope that you will take a couple of minutes to listen and share. I also have not forgotten about my original target audience, which are gamer’s. I plan to and combine some content with my new audience, which are millennial music lovers and create content to satisfy both. I know it sounds crazy, but I have a vision. Stay tuned, the best of 2020 is yet to come for us all!

Stay safe everyone, and thanks for reading!