50 Blog Followers, Thank You For Your Support!

Since I started my blogging journey in January 2018 as Vintage RetroMan, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderful people online. I put off my dream of being a writer for years, as I was so afraid to take that first step of faith. What will people think of my content?Continue reading “50 Blog Followers, Thank You For Your Support!”

Fun V. R. RetroQuiz 3- 1990’s Hip-Hop!

1) In Notorious BIG’s song Juicy, what 2 gaming systems were mentioned? 2) Fill in the blanks from the Fugees song Fu-gee-la: “Ohh La La La, _ _ _ _ _ _when we doing our thing.” 3) What is it that MC Hammer states “You cant touch”? 4) According to Ice Cube, what type ofContinue reading “Fun V. R. RetroQuiz 3- 1990’s Hip-Hop!”

“What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.

One word, simplicity. The simple things like strolls in the park, a simple conversation, or just simply being in the presence of the one you love. Growing up in the 80’s, i saw my parents mimic this simple concept. A quick dance, a simple kiss, or a long hug can do wonders to cover theContinue reading ““What today’s love is missing”- a review by V.R.”

Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman

I truly want to make each of my followers feel like a kid again! That is my overall goal. The nostalgic value of vintage and retro cultures makes people feel good! I do not blog for money or prestige. I write and post content for the people to enjoy, whether it’s one person or 10,000Continue reading “Follow me on Instagram @vintageretroman”

A VR review: “Relaxing Super Mario Jazz”

Picture yourself in a Nintendo themed jazz club with a martini in hand (or a lemonade if you are under the legal drinking age.) Now imagine a group of musicians, dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach along with a host of others. As one plays the keys, another grooves on the percussion.Continue reading “A VR review: “Relaxing Super Mario Jazz””

Poem- MegaMan’s Blast from the Past!

It’s year 20xx and the world’s in a cluster/ Dr. Light just put the finishing touches on my MegaBuster/ As I look around, destruction robot parts in the streets/ It’s me and my dog Rush against the world and I hold the key/ To save humanity, from robot masters created for terrorism/ Even my ownContinue reading “Poem- MegaMan’s Blast from the Past!”

Poem- Bittersweet Memories

It’s alright to think of past times and cherish the memories/ The pure love we share with others creates unique synergies/ As days goes on and hearts heal and yet and still it takes time/ People don’t understand thoughts many times, are bittersweet like vintage wine/ It’s quite alright to feel the pain of lossContinue reading “Poem- Bittersweet Memories”

Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment

Where did these green clothes come from, how did I get here?/ Why do I look around and there’s nothing but an open field here?/ I observe and see the boulders and a couple of trees/ In dusty Hyrule field, no weapon, magic, or rupees/   My name is Link, I just got word thatContinue reading “Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment”