Watch “Bit Brigade performing Mega Man 2 at MAGFest X” on YouTube

  These guys are amazing! A ton of talent in one video. I love people that follow their passion, and it is obvious that they love rock music and gaming. Guitar riffs, loud drums, and neon lights along with Mega Man music makes for a great night! Enjoy retro lovers! V.R.

Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment

Where did these green clothes come from, how did I get here?/ Why do I look around and there’s nothing but an open field here?/ I observe and see the boulders and a couple of trees/ In dusty Hyrule field, no weapon, magic, or rupees/   My name is Link, I just got word thatContinue reading “Zelda Poem- Link, A Hero’s Moment”

Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove

This is my 2nd review installment on Smooth Mcgroove and i must say, musically he really exceeded my expectations on this rendition. The vocal parts from bass to soprano are beautifully done throughout the song. The arrangement is darn near perfection, in my opinion. What really sets this one apart in my opinion though isContinue reading “Megaman X fans, this is a must see! Watch “Megaman X – Spark Mandrill Acapella” by Smooth Mcgroove”

Watch “Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld Theme Acapella” on YouTube

If you have never seen or heard the famous YouTuber Smooth Mcgroove, you are missing a real treat. He has amazing talent in making acapella versions of classic video game music. This guy is unreal how he breaks up the parts to each song and blends them perfectly. The gameplay even goes along with hisContinue reading “Watch “Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld Theme Acapella” on YouTube”

My VR personal creation- 1990’s Hip-Hop Golden Age collage.

I love 1990’s Hip-Hop! This was the time when you had to have true skills and talent to be a rapper. Because of this, I decided to make a collage out of album covers of some of my favorite artists, such as Nas, DMX, OutKast, and of course 2pac! I consider the 1990’s to beContinue reading “My VR personal creation- 1990’s Hip-Hop Golden Age collage.”

2 masked avengers on a Wednesday night! #retro #daddydaughter

Originally posted on Welcome To Retro 2020! :
I love Wednesday nights. It is typically a time where after church, our family gets together and laughs, sings, and just asked silly. What started out as 2 masked avengers in our minivan, ended up being a Rick Astley retro party! 😁 Enjoy! #retro #80’s Daddy daughter Jam *Video…