2 masked avengers on a Wednesday night! #retro #daddydaughter

I love Wednesday nights. It is typically a time where after church, our family gets together and laughs, sings, and just asked silly. What started out as 2 masked avengers in our minivan, ended up being a Rick Astley retro party! 😁 Enjoy! #retro #80’s Daddy daughter Jam *Video in link above* 🙂  

A VR song and video review- Rich Mullins “Awesome God”

The year was 1988. It was the year that the Iran-Iraq war ended after 8 years of fighting and 1.5 million casualties. It was the year that an earthquake in Armenia killed 60,000 people. It was known to be the year that crack, a derivative of the drug cocaine, exploded into the streets of theContinue reading “A VR song and video review- Rich Mullins “Awesome God””

Fun VR RetroQuiz 2- 1980’s song lyrics!

1) What were the first 2 things Rick Astley promised to never do in 1987? 2) Where was the location and time that Luther Vandross promised to love faithfully? 3) According to singer Cherrelle, although she mentions everyday of the week in the song, what specific day of the week does she reference that herContinue reading “Fun VR RetroQuiz 2- 1980’s song lyrics!”

An Unlikely Sight on South Beach

I recently took a weekend trip to Miami, FL with my wife. We met up with extended family and really enjoyed ourselves. As we walked the bustling strip of South Beach enjoying the sights and sounds, I came across something that caught me off guard and made me laugh. There was a young man whoContinue reading “An Unlikely Sight on South Beach”

An official VR review of song and video: “Marriage Goals” by Social Club Misfits (Official Music Video) on YouTube

Listening to this song I think back to the feelings I had when I first met my wife. This track is unique, because it captures the simplicity of love. The fun element of love that so many relationships are lacking these days; What I like to refer to as “Bestfriendness”.  The lyrics capture how IContinue reading “An official VR review of song and video: “Marriage Goals” by Social Club Misfits (Official Music Video) on YouTube”